Acer Tablets

An Acer tablet allows users to access email, websites, and digital files through a mobile platform that is easy to use and transport. Most models utilize a touchscreen, and there are several sizes available. Integrated processing power and flash memory optimize performance when accessing apps, using the camera, and streaming music or video data. Browse Staples® to find a tablet with the right features for personal or business use.

Features of Acer Tablets
There are several models of Acer tablets with unique dimensions and capabilities. Most styles have a screen size between 8 inches and 10 inches. Some have integrated digital rear-facing cameras with resolutions around 5 megapixels. Most tablet styles include a quad-core processor for fast performance and increased battery life. The micro USB drive allows users to easily transfer files between different devices. It can also be used to connect a peripheral device such as a mouse or keyboard. Most models include Bluetooth® capability and a built-in microphone. You can find certain styles that accept and read microSD memory cards.

Tablets are designed to be used on the go, and most Acer models offer battery life of around 10 hours. There are several features, such as anti-fingerprint coating and in-plane switching, that create a clear picture on the screen with true colors visible at any viewing angle. Some styles have no air gap under the screen, which improves performance in bright sunlight.

Additional Considerations When Choosing an Acer Tablet
It's important to choose a tablet with the functionality you need for home or business use. Tablets include built-in Wi-Fi capability, and some models are also able to connect to a 4G LTE network. Most models include parental controls and an available Kids Center application with curated content for children. Many tablets have a black casing but you can also find brighter colors. The textured back surface provides a comfortable feel that also provides extra traction for a stable grip.

Storage space is another important consideration. Most Acer models have at least 16GB of storage and some have 32GB or more. If you want to use the tablet for video calling or other social media functions, choose a model with a front-facing camera. Most have a resolution of around 2 megapixels.

What Operating System Do Acer Tablets Use?
The majority of Acer models utilize an Android operating system that includes access to future system updates. There are some models that have a Windows® operating system instead.

Can the Touchscreen Accept Input From a Stylus on Acer Tablets?
The touchscreen on most models responds to a variety of fingertip inputs and can work with a stylus as well. Some models with highly sensitive touchscreens allow the user to write and sketch with an ordinary pencil.

What Accessories Are Compatible With Acer Tablets?
There are numerous options of cases and covers for protection and customization. Most have a built-in media stand option for comfortable hands-free viewing. You can also add a stylus or a charging dock that includes additional USB and HDMI ports.

Do Acer Tablets Have Warranties?
Most models come with a 1-year or 2-year limited warranty. You can find exact details in the product documentation.