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This interactive legal document enables you to generate a codicil to a simple Will . A codicil is sort of a legal "P.S." to a Will. You can revoke a clause in your Will and then substitute a new clause, or simply add a new provision (such as a new gift of an item of property). A codicil must be executed with all of the formalities of a Will. It must be typed or computer printed, then dated and signed by you in front of three witnesses. Codicils can be sensibly used to make limited changes to a Will, f or example, when you want to change who receives one item.

  • Provides a customized description of the addition or modification and affirms that all other tenets of the Will are unchanged
  • Requires your signature in the presence of three witnesses
  • Attorney-reviewed form valid for use in every state; see your state's specific requirements for more details
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  • Online Guidance Notes offer additional information on signing, filing, and executing your documents
  • Download to save and print your customized PDF file
  • Valid for every state
  • Easy-to-follow questionnaire
  • After completing your on-line questionnaire, document is instantly available
  • Download completed forms after online assembly
  • Web browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher , Mozilla Firefox , Google Chrome , Safari 6.0 and earlier , Android standard browser
  • Print as many copies as you need
  • Step-by-step instructions included with your assembled form, help you to file or execute your documents correctly
  • Legal forms created by attorneys

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