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Adams 1.02'H Polypropylene Step Stool, 2/Pack (8530-02-3730)Adams 1.02'H Polypropylene Step Stool, 2/Pack (8530-02-3730)
Item #139018
Model #ADM8530023730
  • Polypropylene step stool is ideal everywhere you need a little step up: kitchen, garage, or camper
  • Overall dimensions: 12.25"H x 13"W x 13.75"D
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Dragging a ladder out of the garage just to have a few extra inches of reach for tasks around the home isn't necessary if you look into products from Adams Manufacturing. The company specializes in resin-based outdoor furniture, and its convenient fold-away step stools provide just the right amount of additional height with only one step.

Why You Should Consider Adams Products
Adams Manufacturing is a state-of-the-art producer of polymer resin-based folding and stacking outdoor furniture and Adirondack chairs. Adams also makes rocking chairs for kids and adults along with other furniture that accommodates those with larger physical frames. All Adams furniture and step stools are designed and made in the USA. Adams stools are foldable for easy storage.

Consider the Adams Step Stool for Its Quality Construction
Adams manufactures some of the safest, most innovative polymer furniture in today's marketplace, and many pieces include proprietary SafetyGrip foot pads that provide a secure, slip-resistant base. The fold-away step stools have innovative recessed hinges with polymer bolts, so they won't pinch fingers or snag pant legs. The Adams stool, which gives you an ample 8 inches of height, is designed to hold up to 300 pounds securely.

Why Do You Need a Step Stool?
You can use an Adams step stool in a variety of settings, both indoors and outside. You should have a step stool in both the basement and garage, since these are the areas where you wind up storing a lot of items high up on shelves or pegboards. Keep the Adams stool anywhere else with high storage areas, such as in campers, for ceiling-height kitchen cupboards or in closets with deep-set upper shelves.

The Adams step stool is also ideal if you have a weak back or knees. You can carry it with you in an SUV, so you and your passengers can get in and out of the car comfortably. You can even use one as a foot stool while you're sitting in a chair for a more comfortable leg position.

How Safe and Durable Are Adams Step Stools?
The construction of the Adams step stool includes thick heel-step support and a toe-step support on a solid polymer bar. Bowed cross bracing adds to the step stool's stability, as do the arched channels for folding the stool along its toe step. In addition to the recessed polymer hinges, the step stool has a dimpled foot platform for added safety.

What Are Some Adams Step Stool Safety Basics?
A fall or slip even from a small elevation is enough to cause injury. A practical safety precaution is to use the step stool, not a chair, when you need a few more inches of reach. When you're using a step stool, make sure you place it close enough to the object you're reaching for to minimize leaning. Also make sure that the object you're lifting is not too heavy or unwieldy for one person. If it is, then get another person to help and get another Adams step stool.