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Alfi Brand Step Stools & Ladders

A step stool is a useful tool that helps access out-of-reach areas like top shelves of bookshelves or kitchen cabinets. Alfi Brand offers quality solid, single step wood stools with natural finishes that are both stylish and useful. Shop Staples for step stools made of wood, plastic, fiberglass or aluminum from Alfi Brand and many other manufacturers.

Choosing the Right Step Stool
Finding the right stool depends on its use and how much storage space is available. For quick access, consider sturdy, one or two step molded stools. Single steps with molded plastic or wood are available, and they often have cutouts in the sides cut for easy movement. These work well in libraries, classrooms and file rooms. Folding options can give you the extra reach, and fold up quickly to slide into small areas for storing. They are made with aluminum, wood, fiberglass and plastic, as well as a combination of metal frames with hard plastic steps.

Safely Using Step Stools
Before using any ladder, inspect wood parts for any cracks or other weaknesses and make sure that the nonslip grips are secure. For folding models, check the hinges and locks that hold them into place for bending or rust. Bent hinges won't secure properly, and rust corrodes metal, making it unsafe over time. Don't use metal stools near power lines or for working with electrical wiring because they are conductive to electricity. Never work on a ladder in rain or snow and if it does get wet, dry it immediately to prevent rusting. Only sit on stools designed with a wide top step for sitting or holding items such as tools and painting supplies while you work.

What is the Difference Between a Step Stool and a Step Ladder?
There one major difference between these two types of ladders is height. Both are self-supporting, but, step stools are three feet or shorter and fold for storing them away in smaller spaces than step ladders. If you don't need more than an extra three feet, consider saving space and money with a step stool.

Are Different Height Step Stools Available?
Stools vary in height from one to three feet. Choose from one, two or three steps. It's unsafe to stand on the top two rungs of a step ladder. Keep a four-foot difference between the height you need to reach from the ladder and the height of the ladder. For example, if you need seven feet, choose a three-foot ladder.

What Duty Rating do you Need for a Step Stool?
The U.S. Department of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issues ratings for ladders by how much weight and the type of usage they can withstand. When determining the weight, include the weight of each item you will be carrying. For example, a 200-pound person holding a 25-gallon bucket of paint needs a ladder that can support at least 225 pounds. Most professional duty ladders, such as the ones used by commercial painters and woodworkers can support up to 225 pounds.
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Alfi Brand 1-Step Wood Step Stool
Item : WYF078275629339 / Model : AB4408
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  • Material: Solid wood
  • Helps you reach those hard to reach places
  • Cut out slots on the top of the stool help water drain off the surface of the wood, keeping the stepping stool dry
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