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REED ST-FUNNEL REED ST-FUNNEL Funnel Adapter for R7100 and ST-6236B Tachometers
Item #2313724
  • Replacement tip for contact REED tachometer
  • 0.5" (h) x 1.25" (w) x 0.5" (d)
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3M™ Scotch-Brite™ 7" Hook and Loop Disc, Black
Out of Stock
Item #1161918
Model #405048011-18485
  • Black
  • Contains a backing that mounts to hook and loop pads
Extend the use of your power tools with tool bits and tips designed to drill, cut, and grind a variety of materials. Bit and tip sets with different-sized pieces ensure the right one for the job is close at hand as needed. Extension bits give you the length you need to reach difficult locations.

A ready supply of tool bits and tips keeps your operation running when repairs are necessary. Store multiple bit sets with convenient carrying cases in your storage area for quick access when needed. Drill holes, drive and remove screws, and make single-point cuts with ease when the right bits and tips are available.

A selection of bits and tips turns standard power tools into multipurpose machines. Add a steel shank adaptor and a masonry bit to your power drill to make holes in concrete, slate, and stone. Top your drill with a nut setter to quickly remove and secure nuts.

High-performance titanium bits and tips last longer than standard ones in high-use situations. Replace worn bits with bits made from high-performance materials, and enjoy longer periods of time between replacements. Select magnetic tips to help hold screws and nuts in place for less slippage to get the job done right the first time around.

Tech Friendly
Specialty tips help remove fasteners for computer and server repairs and upgrades. Extensions let you reach farther to service components in awkward positions. Adaptors make it easy to attach specialty tips on some standard drills and drivers.