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Allied Precision Industries Planters

Plants are a valuable enhancement to any exterior or interior environment, including offices, retail stores, venues, restaurants and hospitals. By incorporating natural accents to these professional spaces, you can achieve a balanced, healthy and pleasant atmosphere. Allied Precision Industries offers a varied selection of tasteful and functional garden decor, including decorative urns and planter pots that are fitting for landscaping and interior design projects.

Decorate With Durable Plant Containers
Choose from various planter options constructed of polypropylene, a durable thermoplastic polymer that has an appealing and sturdy appearance. With a clay-like color, these pots mimic the appearance of terracotta, but with the advantages of a light weight and no risk of shattering or chipping. They are also UV-resistant and do not fade like real terracotta planters. This allows you to achieve the classic look of traditional pottery but with ease of installation and maintenance. Choose between 13-inch and 16-inch pots. Some options include a touch of embellishment, such as a hand-awled ring around the upper portion.

Create an Appealing Landscape With Grecian Urns
For gardens, patios and other professional spaces in need of accents, Grecian urns are a useful addition. These pieces, with a decorative, pedestal shape, display plants in a stylish way and create attractive accents when planted with hanging and vining plants. These selections are also constructed with polypropylene and are durable amid various weather conditions.

Containers Perfect for Any Planting
Planters from Allied Precision Industries have predrilled holes to accommodate drainage. Larger planters may allow for planting of multiple plants, such as a tall upright plant in the middle and shorter plants along the edges. Review the expected growth needs of the plant to be sure that the planter can accommodate it. Cascading flowers or vining plants are an appealing choice and create a charming look. Remember the importance of using compatible saucers underneath the pots. These items, which are sold separately, will catch the draining water and prevent damage to the floor or surface upon which the planters stand.

Decorate Any Interior Space
Planters filled with flowers or other green plants brighten up a waiting area and fill corners and hallways in professional office settings. Some plants offer the additional advantage of filtering the air, providing a healthier work environment. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, plants make a more pleasant and cheery environment for workers and customers alike. They can even help improve worker morale. Indoor plants are especially helpful in hospitals, where they can cheer up patients. Whenever placing plants indoors, it's important to choose species that can thrive with less light, such as succulents and tropical plants.

Liven Up an Outdoor Landscape
Businesses with outdoor patios or entryways can use potted plants to attract attention and make a pleasant atmosphere. Everything from entertainment venues to small shops benefit from these natural accents. Always be sure to plant species that grow well in the particular light conditions.

Staples offers a selection of planters and garden containers to complete a landscaping project and for gardeners to make the most of any type of professional environment.
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Allied Precision DC16-46 Dura Cotta Planter Terra CottaPlanter Terra Cotta
Item: 1263141 / Model : 14363667
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  • Product Type: Pot Planter
  • Dimensions: 18.5"H x 18.5"W x 19.5"L
  • Pre-drilled holes allow for drainage and outdoor use
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