About this product

Stock up on ALTOIDS Breath Mints. These tiny tins fit snugly in your pocket for breath-freshening on the go.

It's your big moment. You finally have the opportunity to impress with your winning conversation. The last thing you need is your breath betraying you. Good thing you have Altoids mints. Pop one of these precocious mints, and the next thing out of your mouth is sure to be sheer confidence. Atta-boy, you rascal, you! Now that's the curious strength of Altoids!

  • ALTOIDS Smalls Wintergreen Sugar Free Breath Mints
  • Package includes nine (9) individual packs, 0.37 ounces each
  • These curiously tiny mints give you a big boost of confidence when you need it.
  • Comes in a convenient tin small enough to take wherever you go
  • Freshen up after lunch or a coffee with a curiously cool wintergreen flavor