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Aluminum Sponges

Remove carbonized grease from cooking utensils by scrubbing them with aluminum sponges. These sponges are made of aluminum oxide combined with polypropylene fiber. They are ideal for removing burned-on food particles from metallic cooking surfaces like griddles, grills, and pans. Staples® carries a good selection of these heavy-duty aluminum and agave sponges.

Clean and Sand Thoroughly With Aluminum Sponges
Aluminum oxide is a very hard material commonly used in abrasive and cutting tools. It's a more affordable alternative to diamond for industrial cutting and sanding applications. Abrasive aluminum cleaning pads are durable and rust-resistant, features that make them better than steel wool and wire brushes. Since they do not rust, users can also wash them after use. Sponges made of this material are also highly resistant to tearing and shredding. They come in strong, non-woven fibers that offer maximum flexibility when scrubbing and sanding surfaces. Users can roll, bend, and fold aluminum oxide sponges to clean flat, curved, and contoured surfaces.

In addition to cleaning with these sponges by hand, users can also fit them on handheld sanding blocks for deep degreasing and power sanders to clean large surfaces. Since aluminum oxide is chemically inert, it is safe to use high-strength industrial cleaning solvents with sponges made with it. Unlike other abrasive sponge materials that wear down with repeated use, cleaning friction only exposes fresh layers of tough fibers in aluminum pads. This means that repeated use sharpens aluminum oxide sponges.

Choose From Different Grades of Aluminum Sponges
Sanding sponges are available in different sizes and shapes. Most of them come as square, rectangular, and round pads. Grit and grade are two other important features to consider when shopping for aluminum oxide sponges. The grit size of an aluminum sponge is the number of sharp fibers it has per square inch. The higher the grit size, the smoother the sponge. Units graded coarse have grit sizes below 100 while fine sponges have grit sizes above 180 and very fine ones come with grit ratings as high as 600. Coarse sponges are for heavy sanding and smoothening rough surfaces. Cleaning stuck-on grease from griddles and grills requires very fine aluminum oxide sponges.

Can You Clean Glass With Aluminum Sponges?
Yes, but only with very fine sponges. Coarse grade aluminum pads are much harder and can scratch delicate surfaces. Very fine grade units are perfect for cleaning, blending, deburring, and polishing different types of wood and metallic surfaces. They are also suitable for cleaning plastics, ceramics, rubber, and porcelain.

What Is the Difference Between Open and Closed-Coat Aluminum Sponges?
Open-coat or open-web sponges have aluminum oxide abrasive grains covering 40 to 70 percent of their surfaces, but such grains fully cover the surfaces of closed-coat sanding pads. While closed-web sponges produce smoother finishes, open-web units are less likely to clog and easier to rinse. Choose open-coat sponges for cleaning cooking surfaces.

Are Aluminum Sponges the Same as Sandpaper?
Sandpaper is a sheet of paper or cloth coated with abrasive materials. An aluminum sponge is a type of sandpaper. Other common sandpaper abrasives include emery, garnet, and silicon carbide. Choose from a large variety of cleaning supplies and cleaning tools to keep your environment free of harmful bacteria.
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