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Ames Wheelbarrows & Lawn Carts

Wheelbarrows and carts make it easy to move heavy materials such as mulch, soil or yard waste from place to place. These products have plenty of capacity to carry bulky loads, and they feature durable materials that stand up to many seasons of outdoor use. Staples offers lawn carts in many styles and sizes, including those from brands such as Ames, Jackson and Farm Tuff.

Versatile Outdoor Material Transport
Yard carts come in several styles that can handle varied loads. The classic wheelbarrow has a single front tire that can fit into narrow gaps and two handles that provide a secure grip. A pair of rear posts located below the handles provides stable support while the wheelbarrow is at rest. Most wheelbarrows also have a rounded or spout-shaped front edge and a flat metal plate that wraps around the front of the tire. Together, these features let you tip the wheelbarrow up and forward to dump its contents quickly. Moving materials with one of these products does require some strength since users must bear part of the load with their arms.

Lawn carts typically have two or four wheels that provide stable support for heavy loads. They're often easier to move than wheelbarrows, but their wider shape may limit where you can take them. Some models have steerable front wheels that provide additional maneuverability. These products include both bucket-shaped carts designed to hold loose materials such as soil or mulch and flatbed wagons that are ideal for moving pots full of seedlings, bagged materials or other packaged goods. Some carts have built-in storage trays for gardening tools and accessories. Others have sturdy covers that can also double as seats. A few flatbed carts have removable sides that let you carry oversize materials such as fence posts.

Exceptional Carrying Capacity
These products come in many different sizes. Most hold between 2 and 6 cubic feet of material. Some also have weight ratings and can haul loads as heavy as 1000 pounds. When choosing a cart, balance capacity against convenience and personal comfort. Smaller carts are an excellent choice for casual yard work, since they're lighter and easier to move when loaded. Professional landscapers or serious gardeners may want a larger wheelbarrow or cart that can handle more demanding tasks.

Long-Lasting Outdoor Equipment
Wheelbarrows and carts feature durable materials that withstand sunlight, rain and constant use. Heavy-duty steel and rust-proof poly plastic trays and bins provide sturdy support for heavy loads. Pneumatic tires featured on some products roll over small bumps and obstacles, so it's easier to move materials over rough surfaces. Many carts have replaceable handles or wheels so you can extend the life of your gardening equipment if it's damaged.

A wheelbarrow or lawn cart makes it easy to move soil, yard waste or mulch around the yard or work site. These garden tools come in a broad range of sizes that can meet the needs of casual gardeners, construction workers or landscaping professionals. Simplify your next mulching or earth moving project with one of the many wheelbarrows or yard carts available at Staples.
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Ames 2463875 4 Cu.ft. Yard Cart
Item : 1263507 / Model : 13501002
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  • Product Type: Cart
  • Color: Gray
  • Material: Plastic
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Ames 1123047100 2 cu.ft. Lawn Cart
Item : 1263612 / Model : 13501010
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  • Color: Brown
  • Dimensions: 14"H x 15"W x 26.5"L
42.69 $42.69
Ames Easy Roller Jr. Poly Yard Cart
Item : 1263611 / Model : 13504105
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  • Color: Black
  • Material: Plastic
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