Anchor Brand Steel Curved Hand Scratch Brush, Carbon Steel

Item #: 854061 | Model #: 102-385

About this product

Anchor Brand® Curved Wood Handle CS Bristle Hand Scratch Standard Stapled Fill Brush is designed for general cleaning in metal plating and finishing industries.

Anchor Brand® Curved wood handle scratch standard stapled fill brush features 4 x 18 bristle row that is made of carbon steel for durability. Brush is used for cleaning dirt, rust, scale, chips and paint, plating and welding operations.

  • Bristle material: Carbon steel
  • Handle type: Curved
  • Handle material: Wood
  • Heavy-duty industrial brushes
  • Wire fill and length is unsurpassed
  • Brushes are designed to out-work and out-last so called "economy" brushes
  • Bristle rows: 4 x 18