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Arbors & Trellises

Arbors and trellises are some of the most beautiful and appealing features to add to a garden. These outdoor features exhibit latticework or other intricate designs that allow climbing plants to cover them, resulting in a charming garden feature. For businesses with outdoor spaces, such as pavilions and gardens, these accent pieces can create a stunning effect.

They are ideal for many commercial or private applications including restaurants, hotels, museums, civic spaces, libraries and gardens. These features are also a perfect choice for wedding venues because of their romantic feel.

Choose Arbors With an Appealing and Durable Construction
When decorating an outdoor space exposed to the elements, the quality and durability of the materials is an important consideration. Choose sturdy garden pieces that will withstand the elements while showcasing foliage and blooms.

Staples offers arbor varieties constructed of powder-coated steel, which ensures quality, resistance to rust and long-lasting life despite rain or sun. The steel look creates a rustic feel that adds charm to an outdoor space. Arbors come in a variety of sizes and usually include assembly instructions so they can be easily put together on-site.

Opt for Elegance and Function
A vintage-style arbor is reminiscent of classic gardens and creates a charming and romantic feel. Choose among pieces that exhibit well-crafted designs such as hearts and foliage. These garden decorations will support trailing vines, which will quickly cover the arbor, providing privacy and romance.

You can place the arbor at the entrance of a walkway or garden to attract visitors. Alternatively, the installation can be placed in a corner location or tucked away as a retreat. Adding a bench under the arbor creates a space where visitors can relax, converse or read a book. The feature is ideal for couples to stand under during a wedding ceremony, and it provides an extra touch that is sure to result in incredible photo shots.

Plant Compatible Vines and Flowers
The right selection of vine plant varieties helps to make the most out of the arbor or trellis. Consider choosing plants with sweet-smelling and colorful blooms for a romantic and charming appeal that will attract visitors and make their time unforgettable.

There are a number of different types of plants that attach themselves in a climbing fashion. Some plants use tendrils to affix themselves to a structure, while others use their branches and leaves to curl and twist around the structure as they grow. Scramblers are another type of compatible plant. They require a certain amount of training and need to be tied to the structure. To cover an arbor, consider plants that weave their way through the design through one of these methods.

Some attractive plant options include honeysuckle, jasmine and clematis. Keep in mind that not all plants survive for multiple seasons. You may prefer to select perennials, which will continue to thrive for multiple years. On the other hand, if you want to change the look of your landscape from season to season or year to year, choose annuals such as sweet peas.
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Austram 101102 62" French Ivory Vintage Arbor
Item : 1258789
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  • Product Type: Arch Arbor
  • Material: Steel
  • Color: French Ivory