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7-8 Years
Give your children or artistic friends the supplies they need to express themselves through art with a well-stocked art cabinet. Cover the classroom or your fridge in bright artwork created with colorful paints, crayons, and markers. Encourage hands-on learning with clay, stickers, and molds.

Watch as your students create beautiful paintings and drawings with paints, markers, and crayons of every color and craft paper. Spread out large tabletop-sized sheets of paper across the craft table so your entire class can work on a mural, or cut smaller easel-sized pieces for individual masterpieces. Give your students boxes of colored chalk so they can create, erase, and create again on the front chalkboard or on a chalkboard easel.

Take your students artwork from 2-D to 3-D with modeling clays and molds. Teach students about animals and their habitats, and use specialized molds to shape fish for lessons on sea life or zebras for lessons about the Savannah for hands-on learning opportunities. Learn about famous works of art, and engage your students even more by asking them to recreate the famous sculptures in modeling clay. Encourage your students to create their own unique three-dimensional sculptures.

Creating Collages
Stock your craft storage containers with stickers, construction paper, and decals in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors so your students can create fun and educational collages. Teach your students about phonetics and spelling with precut paper letters, or spell out students' names on the classroom billboard. Post math equations on the front board, and have each student solve them by selecting the right numbers and letters.

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