Asus Computer Monitors

Browse the varied selection of ASUS® monitors available at Staples® to find the right display for your desktop computer. In addition to offering HD screens in multiple sizes, this brand also builds special models such as gaming, professional, and portable monitors. All of them have sleek designs and feature multiple connectivity options. Staples has a range of computer monitors available as well as computer peripherals and accessories.

Choose Asus Monitors to Boost Productivity at Work
Asus equips most of its monitors with features meant to help users reduce eye strain. These are especially helpful for office users that spend a lot of time in front of their computers. To reduce fatigue, the monitors have displays that filter out blue light and eliminate screen flickers. You can also change the brightness, color temperature, and contrast of these monitors to make them ideal for tasks like reading, gaming, and watching movies.

Other features to look for when looking for a monitor for your work PC include wide viewing angles, widescreen panels, and picture-in-picture mode. These extend the usable screen estate of the monitor and allows you to open and work on multiple documents side-by-side. For convenient placement and ergonomic seating, look for a model with a height-adjustable stand and a screen that swivels and pivots.

Enjoy the Superior Graphics of Asus Monitors for Gaming PCs
You need a large computer display to truly enjoy gaming on a PC. Asus' offerings range from wide 21.5-inch models to ultra-widescreen curved screens measuring up to 34 inches. The minimum resolution to look for in a gaming monitor is 1080p. Higher resolutions deliver finer details in images and let gamers experience fully immersive gameplay. Choose a 2K monitor for sharper HD graphics and opt for a 4K model to see your favorite games rendered in lifelike details.

Besides resolution, closely consider response time and refresh rate when comparing gaming monitors. A model with a very low response time and a high refresh rate helps to minimize or eliminate screen tearing and dropped frames when playing fast-action games. For graphically intensive PC games, choose an Asus gaming monitor with a response time as low as 1ms and a refresh rate as high as 144Hz. On some of its premium models, the brand offers the ability to overclock refresh rates up to 180Hz and take advantage of high adaptive refresh rates provided by NVIDIA® G-Sync™ and AMD FreeSync™ technologies.

Should You Consider Portable Asus Monitors?
A portable monitor is a mobile display you can take anywhere to extend a notebook's primary display. They are lightweight and usually have screen sizes between 15 and 17 inches. Asus' portable monitors connect to laptops via USB. They draw power and transmit data over this connection.

Are There Asus Monitors With Touchscreen Displays?
Yes. A touchscreen monitor adds another input method besides a keyboard and mouse. It encourages close interactions with UI elements and makes it easier to use Windows® PCs with touch-based gestures. Choose a model with a 10-point multi-touch display to enjoy interactive apps.

What Are the Benefits of Asus Monitors With LED Panels?
LED monitors have LCD screens backlit with light-emitting diodes. They are usually thinner and brighter than regular LCD monitors. LED-backlit displays are also more energy-efficient.
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