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Home users, business professionals, and students all use their computers differently. ASUS® desktop computers feature a broad range of system configurations and case designs that meet these diverse needs. All-in-one and mini cases offer compact computing power, traditional towers have plenty of room for expansion, and systems with dedicated graphics processors handle demanding game and VR content flawlessly. Find an Asus desktop computer that matches your computing needs when you browse the selection of desktop and laptop computers available at Staples®.

Asus Desktop Computers Are A Versatile System Option
Asus systems feature CPU options from AMD® and Intel® that include basic processors for everyday computing and powerful CPUs that take on challenging business, entertainment, or scientific applications. Systems come with 4 to 64GB of memory, so users can pick a configuration that matches their needs. Solid state drives and traditional hard disks offer a broad range of storage options. Choose a 32 to 512GB SSD and enjoy lightning-fast access to computer files, or select an Asus desktop with a 500GB to 3TB hard disk and store personal files, photo archives, digital music and movies, and much more.

Many Asus systems have Intel integrated graphics processors that can handle almost any home or business application and show movies or business presentations in full HD resolution. Gaming computers have dedicated graphics cards from NVIDIA® or AMD with features such as hardware shaders, anti-aliasing, and physics engines. They deliver a lag-free interactive experience when taking on challenging game content.

Connect and Communicate With Asus Desktop Computers
Most of these systems have both built-in Wi-Fi® adapters and Ethernet ports, giving users a choice of network connections. Many models also support Bluetooth®, which links peripherals such as mice, keyboards, and speakers wirelessly. Most desktops have multiple USB ports that provide plug-and-play connections for external drives, game controllers, and other accessories. Asus all-in-one computers have webcams and microphones that enable online voice communications or video conferencing.

What Operating System Comes With Asus Desktop Computers?
Most of Asus computers come with the Microsoft® Windows® operating system, which features built-in virus and malware protection, applications that handle many everyday computing tasks, and an easy-to-navigate user interface. Select products feature Google Chrome OS™, an operating system that uses cloud-based storage and apps from the Google Play™ store to provide users with a lightweight and versatile computing environment.

What Are the Differences Between All-in-one and Mini Asus Desktop Computers?
Both of these case designs reduce a computer's physical footprint, but they use different methods to achieve this goal. All-in-one computers mount system components on the back of an LCD monitor. The result is a slightly thicker display that provides all the computing power of a traditional tower system. Mini-style systems retain the separate case but in a much smaller format. Most mini cases are less than 8 inches wide and deep. All-in-one systems are ideal for offices with limited desk space, while mini-style systems easily fit on a shelf or in a TV stand. While both these system designs have some space for extra drives or cards, traditional towers offer the most expansion room, making them an excellent option for computer enthusiasts who want to tinker with their system's configuration.
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