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23" - 24.9"
4 to 4.9 GHz5.0 Ghz and above
Windows 10Windows 10 Professional
Intel i5Intel i7
Asus gaming PCs are built to handle power-hungry and graphics-demanding programs, including online multiplayer fantasy epics and single-player games with substantial processor needs. A specially designed gaming computer has the right combination of features to make video games immersive and fast, minimizing lag and graphics anomalies. Some devices come optimized for use with virtual reality headsets.

Opt for a Powerful Asus Gaming PC
Asus gaming computers offer fast CPU options from manufacturers such as Intel. For virtual reality gaming, an Intel i5 processor is sufficient, but for running multiple programs simultaneously, consider an Intel i7 or higher. The amount of memory a PC offers is another important consideration for gamers. Select a computer with 8GB to 16GB or more to ensure that software boots quickly and that auxiliary programs, such as voice and text message applications, run smoothly during gaming.

Asus Gaming Machines Have Impressive Graphics Capabilities
A few factors determine a gaming PC's graphics capabilities. Chief among them is the graphics card, which creates the characters and landscapes of video games as you play. Most Asus gaming PCs boast high-performance NVIDIA graphics cards that provide fast loading and low latency for an immersive experience. If virtual reality gameplay is a priority, look for a computer with a graphics card that will support that functionality, as not all do.

Many Asus gaming computers offer support for multiple displays, enabling a two or three-monitor setup that affords greater realism and control than single-monitor setups. These monitors can be connected via HDMI or other ports.

Asus Gaming Computers Offer Plenty of Functionality
Storage capacity is an important feature to consider when purchasing a new computer. Many Asus gaming setups offer 1TB hard drives that hold a large number of game files as well as music and documents. A system with an SSD and a SATA hard drive combines ample storage room with extra-fast boot times for seamless operation. Some Asus gaming rigs offer USB 3.1 ports for super-fast data transfer rates – up to twice as fast as USB 3.0 ports.

Can You Overclock an Asus Gaming PC?
You can overclock an Asus gaming PC, and those that have the most powerful processors usually deliver the best results when overclocked. Asus machines offer efficient cooling systems that help them withstand the extra heat overclocking generates.

Should You Choose a Desktop or Laptop for Gaming?
Generally, gaming desktops offer more power than comparable laptops. Since some crucial components, such as high-end graphics cards, tend to be large, the compact form of a laptop can limit the component choices. Additionally, desktop components are individually upgradeable, so there's no need to buy a new machine to improve a specific attribute, such as processing speed or graphics quality.

What Are the Advantages of a Virtual Reality Ready System?
Asus gaming systems that are designed for virtual reality are powerful and versatile, effortlessly running almost any current title. To play in virtual reality. However, a viewing headset is necessary, as are handsets that let the player interact with the virtual world.
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