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Choose ASUS® gaming laptops to play PC games at their highest settings. These are more powerful than regular laptops. They use high-end processors, have dedicated graphics cards, and plenty of memory. Asus dedicates its Republic of Gaming (ROG) sub-brand to gaming computers, including laptops of different sizes. Head to Staples® to find a varied selection of high-performance laptops from Asus, and other prominent gaming hardware brands.

Consider Screen Size and Resolution When Shopping for Asus Gaming Laptops
Gaming laptops from this brand come in various sizes. The smaller models are for those looking for portable gaming laptops. Models with bigger screens offer better gaming experience but are bulky and meant for desk use. The largest models have bigger chassis that offer better cooling, and can fit more powerful components.

Display resolution is just as important as screen size for gaming laptops. The minimum resolution to look for in these computers is Full HD or 1080p. Asus offerings have IPS panels with high refresh rates and fast response times. The brand also puts 4K ultra-high-definition (UHD) LED screens in its high-end ROG computers.

Performance Specs to Look for in an Asus Gaming Laptop
The graphics card is the most important component in a gaming laptop. Its performance is responsible for the look of the games running on the computer. Asus equips its gaming laptops with NVIDIA® GeForce® and AMD Radeon™ graphics cards. NVIDIA GeForce GTX™ series cards provide power enough for basic level models up to high powered. Radeon and NVIDIA’s newer GeForce RTX™ graphics cards are capable of advanced rendering capabilities like ray tracing and deliver the best image quality.

Top-tier processors like the Intel® Core™ i series and the latest AMD Ryzen™ processors are the most common CPUs found in the brand’s gaming laptops. Factors to consider when comparing these processors include clock speed, number of cores, and cache size. The minimum RAM size to look for in a gaming laptop is 8GB. Mainstream models usually come with 16GB RAM modules while high-end ones support up to 64GB RAM.

Should You Opt for an Asus Gaming Laptops with an SSD?
Yes. A solid-state drive improves the performance of a gaming laptop. It’s faster than a hard disk drive, consumes less power, and generates less heat. Since it has no moving parts, an SSD also runs silently, and lasts longer than a hard disk drive. Having one will reduce boot times as well as the times required to load and launch games.

Are Asus Gaming Laptops VR-Ready?
Some of them are capable of playing virtual reality (VR) games and powering VR headsets. These are usually models with the fastest CPUs and GPUs, and lots of system memory. For a VR-ready computer, look for one with an upper Core i or Ryzen processor, and a high-end GPU with 4GB VRAM or higher.

Are There Asus Gaming Laptops with FreeSync and G-Sync Panels?
Yes. NVIDIA G-Sync™ and AMD FreeSync™ are proprietary technologies for syncing the displays of gaming computers with their graphics cards. Doing this eliminates screen tearing and ghosting during gameplay.
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