Asus Laptops

Whether it’s for the classroom, the office, or the home, ASUS laptops offer a wide range of solutions for computer users of all ages and skill sets. Perfect for fun and educational programs for children and teens, business management, or advanced programming and video gaming, the wide variety of models available at Staples® makes it easy to find something to suit all needs and personal preferences.

Enjoy a Variety of Games and Media with Asus Laptops
With crystal-clear screens and full HD displays with high resolution, it’s easy to enjoy a variety of photos, videos, games, video conferencing, and other types of media. Asus models offer outstanding color reproduction for viewing and editing photos and videos, and specific graphics processors are ideal for video gaming. Models with touch-screen capabilities make interactive content more fun and intuitive, and are ideal for those new to computer use, or those with difficulty navigating a mouse or touchpad. Laptops with dedicated graphics cards include their own built-in graphics memory to offer optimal image rendering without using RAM. Those with integrated graphics processors (GPUs) tend to be lighter and more cost-effective, with less processing power than dedicated graphics cards.

Ultimate Portability with Asus Laptops
Whether the laptop is for a student, business professional, or casual computer user, portability is an important feature for many. Easily transition from the study to a cafe or library, or from the office to the boardroom, with thin, lightweight, and versatile models that allow users to access their work no matter where the location. Choose extremely lightweight Chromebooks™ for maximum portability and standard processing power for students and standard business users. 2-in-1 models transition from traditional laptop to tablet mode for viewing movies, connecting with loved ones or colleagues via video conferencing, or reading ebooks and taking notes. 

What Multimedia Features are Available in Asus Laptops?
Most systems include built-in Bluetooth® capabilities to connect with wireless speakers, headsets, microphones, and mouse and keyboards. USB and USB 3.0 ports allow users to plug in external hard drives for quick access to files and document sharing. HDMI ports provide a convenient way to connect with monitors and televisions for viewing files on a larger screen, or extending the display for maximum productivity. Built-in web cameras, speakers, and microphones are perfect for video conferencing with colleagues, friends, and family. 

What Operating Systems are Available in Asus Laptops?
Many models feature an up-to-date Windows® operating system that offers support for touch and voice controls, and a wide variety of Windows and Microsoft® applications. For those familiar with Google Chrome programs and applications, Chromebooks include the Chrome OS™. This offers a simple user interface and easy navigation, along with built-in Google apps, and access to over 2 million additional apps through the Google Play™ store.

What Screen Sizes are Available for Asus Laptops?
For optimum portability, choose models with smaller screens of 10.1-inches to 12.5-inches to transport them in a backpack, purse, or briefcase. For more screen space to manage documents, watch videos, or edit files, select models with display sizes between 14-inches and 15.6 inches for a balance between portability and productivity. Larger models ranging up 17.3-inches offer expansive screen space for multitasking, and easy viewing of media files.