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Austrum Grow Bags

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Austram is a prominent brand of high-quality lawn and garden products. While it is popular for its line of planters and arbors, the company also makes gazebos, watering cans and decorative garden accessories. Austram grow bags or plant boxes made of fiber clay are the most popular products in its lineup.

Enjoy a Wide Selection of Austram Grow Bags
Austram's selection of planters range from solid and sturdy plant pots to hanging flower baskets. The former are usually made of an environmentally friendly blend of fiber clay. The composition of this custom clay includes resin, soil and a patented material. These planters are strong, lightweight and boast UV-resistant and anti-aging additives. Although they have the looks of traditional plant pot materials like ceramic, marble or terracotta, these grow pots last longer and are less prone to breakage and fading. They are available in multiple sizes, shapes, colors and finishes. Some of them have integrated reservoirs and drainage systems.

In addition to durable planters, Austram also makes biodegradable plant boxes. These are made of a combination of rice husk and straw as well as bamboo fiber. These pots do not have UV-resistant coats and only last 2 to 3 years. They are highly eco-friendly and are popular among eco-conscious home gardeners who prefer green flower pots. The third category of Austram planters are hanging baskets lined with coco moss and thin sheets of plastic. These have wire frameworks and are both decorative and functional. Lastly, there are plant stands with metal legs and elegant wire frameworks. These freestanding planters also use coco moss liners.

What is Coco Moss and Why is it Useful as a Planter Liner?
Coco moss is a byproduct of the coconut processing industry. Also known as coco peat, coco dust and coir, this material is made of the fibers of coconut shells. It is an alternative to peat moss for lining grow bags and hanging wire baskets. Just like peat, coco moss lasts well, holds moisture and is lightweight and resistant to diseases. Unlike peat, it is a renewable resource with no negative environmental impact.

Austram knits coco moss into liners for its wire planters. It offers them as fiber rolls that gardeners can cut into custom sizes as well as pre-formed liners for specific Austram hanging planters. The company also provides coco moss as loose-fiber bales for oddly-shaped flower baskets.

Choose the Right Austram Planters for Your Garden
Austram's planters and coco moss rolls come in different sizes and shapes. The right ones to choose depend on the kind of plants the gardener wants to grow. Generally, pots are more suitable for growing herbs and vegetables while hanging baskets with metal frames and coco moss lining are ideal for growing flowers. To grow a garden plant with a high water requirement, choose a planter with a hidden reservoir and a self-watering system.

Gardeners who want grow bags to complement their garden landscape and hardscape features should choose Austram plant pots with decorative finishes. These include the planters under the brand's Timberblend series as well as hanging baskets from its Hampton and Queen Anne collections.
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Austram Cocomoss Roll Liner
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  • Material: Fiber
  • Available in various sizes
  • Coconut fiber naturally resists rot and mildew
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