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Browse the wide selection of automatic drip coffee makers available on Staples® to find the right brewing machine for your household or office. Compared to other types of coffee makers, automatic drip machines offer convenience and hands-off operation. Find a model with features that make it easy to brew large quantities of delicious coffee whenever you need a caffeine boost.

Choose From Different Models of Automatic Drip Coffee Makers
Drip coffee machines come in different sizes and have varying sets of features. They are usually electric countertop appliances with carafe capacities ranging from 4 to 20 cups of coffee. Choose a small four-cup model if you need an automatic drip coffee machine for personal use. Families and small offices usually prefer models that can brew 8 to 12 cups at once. Some units feature integrated coffee grinders and water reservoirs. However, they do take up more counter space so may not be ideal for a small kitchen or break room. Build quality is also important when shopping for drip coffee makers. These appliances use different combinations of metal, plastic, and glass. Models made of hard plastic and rust-resistant metal are often the most durable.

Key Features to Look for When Comparing Automatic Drip Coffee Makers
The most important features to consider when comparing these coffee machines are programmable functions. The ability to set them to brew coffee at predetermined times is the reason most people choose automatic coffee makers. Other convenient features include automatic shutoff and pause-and-brew functions. Automatic shutoff is a safety feature that powers down the brewing machine when left unused for a set amount of time. On some models, the shutoff time can be adjusted to suit user needs. An automatic drip coffee maker with a pause function allows users to draw a quick cup of coffee during the brewing process. Other options available on some models give users control over things like water temperature and how long the coffee grounds are saturated.

Should You Consider Automatic Drip Coffee Makers With Thermal Carafes?
Yes. While glass carafes are more common, thermal options minimize heat loss and keep the coffee hot for longer periods, some up to an hour or two after brewing it, so there's no need to keep them sitting on a hot plate.

Are Filters Necessary for Automatic Drip Coffee Makers?
Unless you only brew coffee with filtered water, you should get a coffee machine that uses a water filter. This removes chlorine and other common impurities found in tap water. Filtered water improves the taste of coffee. Disposable paper filters or reusable built-in filters are also needed to keep coffee grounds from spoiling the drink. While integrated filters eliminate the cost of paper filters, they should be regularly cleaned to remove residue and prevent clogging.

Do Automatic Drip Coffee Makers with Integrated Grinders Produce Better Coffees?
No. A built-in grinder is a convenient addition to a coffee maker. It takes up less space than a standalone grinder. If you grind beans just before brewing, a grinder can help produce a brew that tastes better than coffee made with pre-ground beans.