Azar® 8" x 0.148"(Dia) Flip Scan Loop, 25/Pack

Item #: 83137 | Model #: 701308

About this product

Azar® Flip scan quick back 8-inch flip scan label holder has a diameter of 0.148-inch.

This Flip Scan loop makes it easy to create an effective display for small items and accessories in your retail location. The end is perfect for holding a small label to display bar codes, item descriptions, and prices, and the underside of the unit provides an excellent way to display small hanging items.

  • Galvanized metal
  • Label holders sold separately
  • Compatible with flip scan holders
  • 8" x 0.148"(Dia)
  • Hook works with standard pegboards

Easy Setup
Each Flip Scan loop is easy to add to your existing pegboard surface. Simply slide the loop into place and add the items of your choice. Place a label at the end to easily identify the goods and make it easier to perform inventory-tracking tasks at the end of each month. Excellent Size
The metal loop is 8 inches long and has a 0. 148-inch diameter. This is a great size for use in regular wall-mounted displays as well as in cramped spaces such as point-of-sale or kiosk areas. The excellent size allows you to make the most of your existing pegboard space. Galvanized Metal
Each Flip Scan loop is made of galvanized metal that can easily withstand the rigors of daily handling by customers and employees. The sturdy material ensures that the piece will last for quite some time.