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Baking Soda

Keep refrigerators, closets, and even the carpets odor-free with earth-friendly baking soda. Choose this all-natural product for safe, inexpensive cleaning product in spill-proof refrigerator and freezer packaging or use it to make baking soda and handheld air fresheners for home or office use. Staples has a range of cleaning supplies available.

Baking Soda Provides a Natural Clean

Also known as bicarbonate of soda or sodium bicarbonate, this versatile substance most often comes from mining the mineral trona, so it is an all-natural product. It contains no other chemicals, so it is a non-toxic, safe product to use in all areas of your home or office, including the kitchen and break room.

Baking Soda Is a Versatile Cleaner
The most familiar use of soda, outside of cooking, is probably as a deodorizer. An opened box in closed places absorbs odors to keep foods tasting fresher longer, and it chases away the musty odors common in closets or under-sink cabinets. In particular, the Reach-In Fridge-n-Freezer™ package comes with removable panels at the front and back, with a cloth filter that allows the air to circulate through the soda without spills.

Baking soda air fresheners also help eliminate odors without harsh chemicals or overwhelming fragrances. Use the soda straight from the package or add about four drops of your favorite essential oil to 16 ounces of soda for a light fragrance and environmentally safe odor eliminator. Or mix up a paste of water and soda to gently remove stains from coffee makers and mugs. Mix a teaspoon of soda into a quart of warm water to wipe down the inside of the microwave, refrigerator, or freezer for food-safe cleaning.

Baking Soda Also Cleans Outside the Kitchen
Clear out that clogged drain in the sink or shower by sprinkling a cup of soda into the opening, followed by a cup of hot vinegar. After the bubbles stop, pour in boiling water to flush the clog out. Simple, non-toxic, and fast -- clear pipes without using lye-based products. Discourage pests like ants and silverfish by sprinkling the soda around pipe openings, or freshen carpets by scattering it lightly over them before vacuuming. The soda absorbs musty odors, but it won't damage the carpet fibers like other products.

What Is Baking Soda Made Of?
Baking soda comes from soda ash, which is also known as sodium carbonate. The ash is dissolved and the carbon dioxide is bubbled through it to produce sodium bicarbonate.

Can Baking Powder Be Substituted for Baking Soda?
While both products are used as leavening agents in baking, they are not interchangeable, either in cooking or cleaning. Baking powder is a mixture of soda, cream of tartar and cornstarch. Because the blend has both a base and an acid, it does not react like plain soda does, so it is not effective as a cleaning product.

Are There Other Uses for Baking Soda?
This do-it-all product helps cakes rise, cleans surfaces, and absorbs odors. It also makes a safe and effective antacid, toothpaste, or mouthwash. Keep a box close to the stove for smothering grease fires on the cook top, as well.
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Fridge-N-Freezer Pack Baking Soda, Unscented, Powder, 16 Oz., 12/Carton
Item : CDC3320084011CT / Model : 3320084011CT
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  • Prevents refrigerator and freezer odors and helps food retain its taste
  • Cloth filter prevents spilling
  • Environmentally safe
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