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BasAcc Card Readers & Adapters

Whether your memory cards store priceless memories or important business documents, a BasAcc® card reader provides a seamless way to access, edit, and save files on compatible mobile devices.

View Files and Photos on Most Devices With a BasAcc Card Reader
The BasAcc reader comes with four card slots that accommodate the most commonly used memory cards. The reader fits SD, microSD, MS, and M2 cards. Although there are four card slots on the device, it only reads one card at a time. No installation is required. The plug-and-play design of this card reader makes it easy to use as soon as it's plugged into a compatible device.

BasAcc Card Readers Connect to Devices With Micro USB Ports
This card reader features a micro USB port that connects to many Android-powered phones and tablets. The OTG connectivity standard lets your phone or tablet download and view files. Some of the models that are compatible with the micro USB port include HTC phones, LG phones, Motorola phones, and Samsung devices.

Utilize USB Devices With BasAcc Card Readers
Another feature built into this card reader is standard USB connectivity. The card reader’s switch flips between memory cards and USB. When it's on the USB setting, connect USB devices like mice, keyboards, and flash drives. This maximizes the functionality of phones and tablets without the need for a separate USB adapter. The USB slot does not charge phones or tablets.

Which Cards Are Compatible With BasAcc Card Readers?
SD and microSD cards are commonly used with digital cameras. With the BasAcc reader, it’s simple to transfer photos from a camera to a phone without a computer. MS and M2 cards are larger than SD and microSD cards. They are utilized in high-definition cameras and video cameras.

Which Phones and Tablets Accommodate the BasAcc Card Reader?
Quite a few popular phone and tablet models are compatible with the BasAcc memory card reader adapter. The Samsung Galaxy, Note, and Edge phones accommodate this reader. The Lenovo™ Note and Sony Xperia™ also fit the BasAcc reader. The card reader is compatible with devices that use Android™ 4 and above. The device must also have OTG functionality.

Is the BasAcc Card Reader Read-Only?
The card reader allows users to read and edit files. When you use the card reader to access files on a memory card, you can edit and move the files in addition to reading them. Some users rely on the card reader to transfer files between cards by using the phone as an intermediary. Others use photo editing apps on phones and tablets to edit photos on memory cards. The card reader also writes files, giving users a convenient way to transfer files from a phone or tablet to a memory card. This feature streamlines the process of resetting a device and removing sensitive information.

With a memory card reader adapter, access files from various cards on your phone or tablet while using the USB slot for additional functions. At Staples®, browse card reader listings to find a reader that is well suited to any phone or tablet.
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BasAcc® Universal OTG Card Reader 2064765 Supports USB Flash Drive Micro SD for Smartphones and Tablets
Item : 1642183 / Model : 2064765
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  • Color: Black
  • Compatible with device which is Android 4. or above and with OTG function
  • Feature 4 card slots to cover most common memory cards: SD, MicroSD, MS and M2
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