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Basse Kosher Assorted Snacks

Great Snacks - Mega Pack! Healthy Dried Fruit Mixes Complete w/ Superfood & Nutsterz Spicy Peanut Mixes, 27/Pack (BDL0011-CP1)
Item : 24117125 / Model : BDL0011-CP1
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  • Dried Fruit Healthy Pack by Basse - Pitted Prunes, Dry Figs, Apricots, Jumbo Raisins and Cranberries that make a good snack full of nutrition. Fresh and juicy for an incredible taste.
  • Healthy Snack Pack - Salted Pistachios & Cashews by Basse, Nut & Seed Mixes by Sahara, Royal & Deluxe, Dried Fruit & Nut Mixes by Exotic & Paradise, Cranberry Trail Mix & Smoky Almonds.
  • Superfood Pack - Basse Alive Mix, Good Karma Mix, Highvibe Power Mix, Relaxing Mix, Good Spirit Mix, Serenity Savory Mix, Buenavibra Performance Mix. Super mixes for super energy!
119.99 $119.99