Power Tool Batteries & Chargers

This selection of battery chargers for cordless tools will ensure that a dead drill doesn't slow you down. With several chargers available to choose from, you can find the right type to fit your needs. These portable batteries will be a huge help on your next job site.

Quick Recharge
Many battery chargers for cordless tools will recharge your drill within one hour or less, meaning you can easily recharge your tool's battery while on your lunch break.

Charge Multiple Batteries at Once
Ensure that you're never without power with these battery chargers for cordless tools. Some of these chargers have two slots, so they'll save you even more time because they can recharge multiple tools at once.

Light and Ready to Go
Companies like XRP offer a lightweight battery charger that will be easy to carry to your work site. Designed to give your battery 40 percent more run-time, these chargers are great for those workers who needs extra power for those big jobs.