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Now introducing a full line of high quality Staples Brand Standard and Heavy Duty Binders.

At Staples, we understand that you work hard on your presentations, so we work hard to bring you a selection of clear view binders that will keep them looking good. From Avery, Cardinal, and Samsill, to our own Staples brand, we’ve got your presentation needs covered.

Binders come in a wide range of sizes and styles to let users organize andstore all sorts of documentation for a business. Standard 3-ring binders areavailable in various ring sizes, storing anywhere from 100 to more than 1,000sheets. The best binders for sale include presentation binders, which featuredurable covers and attractive designs for a clean and professional appearance.Another popular style is 2-ring binders, which are often smaller and ideal forspecial uses like receipts, notes and memos. With binder accessories, likesheet protectors, tabs and pockets, you can organize any documents.

Professional Appeal
Whether a professional needs to submit a proposal, display a presentation ororganize accounting information, binders keep everything organized and neat.Brands offering the best binders for sale, such as Avery, Cardinal, Samsilland Staples, offer a wide range of products to make sure documents are properlystored and protected. Choose colorful 3-ring binders to add a pop of style to acontemporary office shelf, or use a 2-ring binder to keep smaller items such ascoupons or and sheets of notes safe and organized.

Multiple Options
No to tasks are alike, so Staples carries a wide range of the best binders forsale with multiple feature options to supply whatever is needed. Choose betweenstandard 3- and 2-ring binders in a range of sizes and available in multiplering shapes, such as round or D-shaped. Store roughly 100 sheets in smaller.5-inch round ring binders or keep more than 1,000 pages secure in a 6-inchD-ring option. Special occasions call for special binders, and portfoliobinders can be the perfect fit. More upscale looking than a standard binder butequally adept at organizing papers, portfolio binders are ideal for interviews,executive reports or documentation for clients.

Environmentally Friendly
Eco-friendly businesses and professionals should know that many of the bestbinders for sale are made from recycled post-consumer content. They leave asmaller environmental footprint while still fulfilling all office needs.PVC-free office binders are made with plastic materials that are less harmfuland give off fewer emissions during the manufacturing process. Hard covers madeof recycled content are still reliable and sturdy to keep contents protected.

  • Ring type- Our 3 ring view binders come in a variety of ring styles and ring sizes for efficient and consistent page-turning and page viewability.
  • Binder Color- With a plethora of color options, you’ll always be able to find the presentation you’re looking for.
  • Sheet Capacity- Whether it’s a small brief or a comprehensive report, you’ll find the right size of binder to meet your needs.
  • Recycled- If you have an eye on being eco-conscious, you’ll be happy with our large selection of binders made from recycled materials.


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