Storage Bins & Totes

Storage bins and totes offer a way to create customized organization in various settings including the classroom, home and office. Made with an array of materials and available in many colors, creating the perfect setup is simple.

Staples carries a variety of sizes and styles from popular brands such as Rubbermaid, IRIS and Really Useful Boxes.

Multiple Materials Give Users Flexibility

With an array of materials available, office and home users can choose the ones that work best for their needs. Plastic totes are a versatile option, especially ones that have latching lids that protect the contents from the elements, bugs and small animals.

They come in a wide range of colors from clear units for easy viewing of the contents to solid-color bins that conceal what's inside. Cardboard boxes work well for file storage, and with die-cut handles, they're also easy to move around.

They fit on most shelving systems, making them a good option for warehouses, and they come with lids to keep contents secure. Canvas and fabric totes work well with cube shelving systems, folding down when not in use to save on storage space.

Varied Sizes Fit Many Needs

Storage bins come in sizes ranging from small cubes that fit on a desktop to large bins that measure several feet wide for use in a garage, warehouse or outdoor setting. Smaller bins and containers such as 6-quart shoe boxes work well for containing supplies such as paper clips, classroom materials and envelopes.

Stacking bins also come in a variety of sizes and help keep tools and hardware organized in a garage or warehouse. They have an open top for easy identification and a lip so users can reach inside for parts.

Large, multiple-gallon containers can hold larger items that take up more space such as seasonal clothing, pet food, craft supplies and outdoor equipment. Some storage bins double as trays for cutlery or small craft supplies such as beads, brads and labels.

Mobile and Stacking Units Add Versatility

Many storage bins have removable wheels so you can use them as stationary or mobile units. Dual-caster wheels spin 360 degrees to glide over several flooring types including concrete, tile and carpeting.

Some have low profiles so they fit under a desk or bed, while others have a drawer setup for quick, slide-out access to the contents. Those with lift-up handles help distribute the weight and provide a secure way to move units between locations.

When space is a concern, stackable bins let you create custom organization layouts to fit in designated areas. Most brands have units with flat or tray lids that support other bins of the same size or smaller.

They work well in areas such as a closet or storage facility. Flat, reinforced bottoms reduce the risk of spillage, and minimal wall tapering allows users to store even more inside.

Choosing the right size and material is essential for proper storage practices. At Staples, you can find a multitude of options to organize office, craft and classroom supplies, as well as home goods, tools and hardware.