Storage Bins & Totes

Unclutter your office, classroom, and life with storage bins from Staples®. Choose small storage containers for accessories or office supplies, medium storage totes for toys or household linens, or large storage systems for file archives. A variety of colors, materials, and stacking options allow the bin, basket, or tote to blend in seamlessly with any existing decor and room layout.

Select the Right Material for Clothing Storage Bins
When purchasing clothing containers for seasonal storage, consider plastic bins to help prevent moisture and pests like moths from harming the garments. For delicate or vintage items as well as longer-term storage, choose fabric containers for better airflow so the pieces have improved longevity. Make sure to clean the clothing as well as the bins before storing anything away to ensure stains or odors don't set permanently or attract bugs.

Create Learning Stations by Organizing Classroom Supplies
Use color-coordinated storage bins to streamline the learning process, allowing students to find the dedicated math center or reading station easily. Place tasks in individual small plastic bins, labeled with a team name, subject, or picture for an efficient activity time. Develop a mobile activity center with one or more rolling carts in specific colors. Then, complete each station with matching classroom decorations like banners, signs, or bulletin boards.

Key Security Features to Consider in Storage Containers
For photos and keepsakes, lRIS® offers Weather-tight storage boxes with an airtight seal and multiple durable latches to keep contents safe. Ziploc®'s WeatherShield options feature a foam shield to protect against dust or other environmental issues that may be found in a garage or basement while also including a reinforced lid if stacking multiple heavy bins. Fire-resistant boxes are available as well to prevent any catastrophic loss of vital paperwork or valuables.

Are There Storage Options for Heavier Items?
Consider a wheeled crate from Staples for storage up to 70 pounds with the added benefit of maneuverability, durability due to its aluminum and plastic composition, and flexibility from the adjustable, foldable construction. To accommodate more weight for office files, heavy-duty file storage boxes from Staples feature a stacking strength of 850 pounds with a triple-end, double-sided, double-bottom construction.

What Are the Advantages of Corrugated Storage Containers?
Corrugated is a budget-friendly and lightweight yet durable material, allowing for easy transport and a wide range of size and fit options for a consistent look and complete storage system. Designed for high strength and durability, kraft corrugated bins conveniently conceal dirt and grime while also being resistant to damage, effortless to write on, and frequently eco-conscious.

Are BPA-Free Storage Bins Available?
Koziol produces a range of colorful Bisphenol A (BPA)-free bins ideal for a kitchen, bathroom, or kids' room. As well as being BPA-free, the kid bin organizer from Sandusky is fun for tykes with its vibrant colors and multisized storage. Choose an airtight container from Remington® for an ideal BPA-free storage option for pet food. Staples also offers an assortment of BPA-free storage designed specifically for the kitchen, including products from top brands like Glad® and Rubbermaid®.
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