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Black & Decker Grass Shears

Getting the perfect height on your lawn makes the entire landscape look clean and put-together. With Black & Decker grass shears, home and business owners can keep grass, plants and bushes looking tidy.

Strong Blades Make Quick Work of Long Grass
The steel used in Black and Decker grass cutting shears is significantly stronger than what you find in most kitchen or office shears. Some models have blades made from hardened steel, which is medium or high-carbon steel that is heat-treated before the tempering process. Other models use forged steel, which is molded into shape by heat and mechanical energy. The materials make durable, long-lasting shears that can last for many planting seasons.

Comfortable Grips Power Through Long Jobs
While a quick trimming job can take just a few minutes, an entire weekend devoted to lawn care can leave hands sore. Grass and lawn shears relieve hand pain with ergonomic handle designs. Several models include knuckle guards that prevent users from rubbing their knuckles raw on plastic handles. Ergonomic grips are soft and moldable, a feature that allows them to fit almost any hand shape and size.

Non-Stick Blades Prevent Grass Buildup
When working through fast-paced lawn care tasks, users can get frustrated by grass and leaves that stick to garden tools. Selecting a pair of lawn shears that include non-stick blades can make this problem a thing of the past. These blades cut crisply and deposit trimmings on the ground, rather than on the inside of the blade. Several models with non-stick blades utilize a high-performance coating to keep them slick and prevent them from sticking together.

Different Cutting Positions Suit Every Lawn Care Job
If you are cutting branches, leaves and grass to the same height, it takes a significant amount of time to find the right position for the blades each time. Black and Decker landscaping shears with different cutting positions hold the blades in a user-selected open position. When you open the shears after making a cut, the blades reopen to the same position. This minimizes the time users spend finding the right angle after each cut and helps lawn care projects move more quickly. This feature also reduces the strain on your hands. Some models have five distinct cutting positions while high-end models include up to eight cutting positions.

Battery-Powered Options Save Time
Manual lawn shears are sufficient for many lawn tasks, but those who spend a lot of time on their landscaping, or who have a large area to maintain, can benefit from battery-powered shears. These cordless models are just as convenient as manual shears. They typically rely on rechargeable batteries, a feature that makes it easy to prepare for any gardening task that arises. Some options include LED charge indicators that let you know where the power level stands. Most rechargeable shears use the same durable blades as manual models. They are lightweight and compact for easy use and transportation.

Make your lawn and landscaping something you can be proud of. Explore Staples for grass shears and garden tools to find everything needed to keep a lawn looking healthy.
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Black & Decker Lg GSN30 Grass Shears with Plastic Handle
Item : 1263176 / Model : 12230306
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  • Product Type: Grass Shears
  • Blade Material: Steel
  • Dimensions: 4"H x 4"W x 13"D
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