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Bond Manufacturing Insect Control

Staples carries a selection of products from companies such as Amrep, Gardeneer and Bond Manufacturing; insect control, lawn care and garden tools are just some of the items you'll find. There are several methods for dealing with flying insects. Some tools are designed to capture and kill bugs, whereas others are meant to keep pests away from designated areas. Consider options that range from glue traps to sophisticated devices that have UV lights to attract bugs.

Capture and Kill Insects with Traps
One common method for trapping and killing insects is to use a glue board or other sticky surface. When insects land on the trap, they stick to the surface and can't escape. Some sticky traps are designed for moths and fruit flies. These traps will also take care of black flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects. Capture and kill traps such as fly strips or ribbons allow you to see how many insects are caught, so you'll know that they're effective.

Some traps utilize a light to help attract insects, especially moths. Traps with UV bulbs are a smart choice for situations where a bright light wouldn't be appropriate. While most of these devices require an electrical outlet, there are some battery-powered options. Battery-operated traps are small and easily portable, so they're suitable for camping or other outdoor activities where electrical power isn't easily available. You can replace the glue board or sticky tape in many traps, making them reusable.

Use Scent to Attract Pests
Most scented glue board or sticky ribbon traps use a fragrance that is attractive to common flying pests. For example, many fruit flies, gnats and black flies are attracted to a fermentation or vinegar scent. Traps use a very light coating of scent so that insects recognize it, but there aren't fumes that could bother people.

Prevent Insect Bites
To keep pests away from you when spending the day outdoors, consider personal insect repellent. Opt for a spray version for quick application, or use a bracelet repellent that works for a set number of hours. Spray and bracelet repellents are equally suitable for keeping mosquitoes and other flying pests away while you're hiking or at the beach, and they're crucial for preventing bites.

Choose the Right Strategy for Indoor and Outdoor Pests
Because there are so many options, it's important to consider the location as well as the target insects when choosing pest control products. Plug-in traps that use light to attract pests work well in outdoor areas where they won't affect the ambiance. Portable battery-operated lights are useful in remote areas. For outdoor areas with heavy animal populations, such as parks, barns or zoos, commercial-grade scented glue boards are effective. Some sticky traps are approved for use around food preparation areas and some aren't, which is another vital consideration.

For indoor pests, using sticky traps in pantries or near produce storage areas can help control fruit flies and gnats. Most traps designed for indoor use are small, and some are even patterned to look like wood grain so they blend with cupboards or cabinets.
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AP&G Co., Inc. 906 SilenTrap Flying Insect Trap
Item : 1263670 / Model : 13862420
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  • Product Type: Flying Insect Trap
  • Dimensions: 12.5"H x 7.5"W x 4.25"D
  • UV light attracts black flies, fruit flies, mosquitoes, and other common flying insects
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