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Bonide Rodent Control

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Bonide makes a wide selection of home, garden and lawn care products ranging from fertilizers to weed control formulas and insecticides. In addition to these, the company also offers a number of products for controlling rodent pests under its Revenge brand. These are effective against house and field mice and rats as well as gophers and moles. While some Bonide rodent control devices and formulations attract and then trap rodents, others use chemical agents to kill off rodent populations.

Catching Rodents With Glue Boards
Bonide's glue boards are its most basic means of controlling rodent infestations. These boards use bait to attract house mice, and then trap them on their sticky surfaces. The adhesive on each glue tray is strong enough to catch mice, rats and insects. Bonide glue traps can also trap snakes, spiders and scorpions. To prevent kids and pets from touching their surfaces and dirt from collecting on the sticky sides, users can set them in a tent shape rather than placing them flat on the floor. These rodent control boards are non-toxic and, therefore, are safe for use indoors. They are also disposable and come in different sizes.

Eliminating House Mice and Rats With Bonide Rodent Control Traps
Besides glue boards, Bonide also makes mechanical traps for controlling rodent populations. Unlike traps with adhesives, these devices rely on springs to quickly pin down rodents and prevent them from escaping. Furthermore, homeowners and gardeners can use mechanical traps indoors and outdoors. The simplest devices in this category are Bonide's snap traps. Each of these has a wood base and uses baits like cheese, bacon or cotton balls to attract mice, and then metal staples to arrest the baited rodents.

Bonide also makes press-and-set traps for this purpose. These traps are big enough to pin down rats and mice. Like snap traps, they also have bait wells. However, they are easier to set. The brand also offers a third kind of trap for moles. These outdoor traps are ideal for eliminating rodents burrowing through lawns and gardens. The mole trap is a vertical device with stakes for setting it into the ground and a trip pin that triggers a set of plunger posts to pin down moles.

Convenience of Clearing Field Pests With Rodenticide
While glue boards and traps control a few rodents, rodenticides can kill a lot of them at once. These chemical agents are toxic to rodents and are quite effective for curtailing ongoing pest infestations. Bonide delivers its rodenticides in different ways. For house mice and rats, the brand offers disposable and refillable bait stations. These use chemical baits that are palatable to rodents. Once they ingest the baits, the mice and rats die off.

Bonide offers a different set of rodent control formulas for moles and gophers. These poisonous baits target active burrows when gardeners apply them directly into the rodents' tunnels. Products in this lineup include rodenticide powders poured down burrows, gels injected into tunnels in measured doses, and smoke bombs that produce thick, suffocating mists lethal to rats, moles, gophers, skunks, marmots and ground squirrels.
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Bonide 61118 Battery Operated MoleMax Sonic Spike Mole Repellent Stake
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  • Battery operated repellent
  • Scientifically developed chatter sound technology
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Bonide 61119 Solar Powered Molemax Sonic Spike Mole Repellent Stake
Item : 1262996
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  • Product Type: Mole Repellent Stake
  • Solar powered repellent
  • Scientifically developed chatter sound technology
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