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Book Safes

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Having safes in the house makes it easy to store valuable jewelry, firearms, currency, and heirlooms. Book safes keep your possessions protected in a secure locking compartment housed inside a cover designed to look like a hardbound book. You can place the safe in a bookcase and effectively hide your items for an extra level of protection. Shop the selection of safes and storage containers at Staples® to find the right solution for your home or office.

Features of Book Safes
A small personal gun safe is an excellent receptacle in which to store items of financial or sentimental value along with important documents such as passports and deeds. Safes are also essential for keeping firearms inaccessible to children. A book safe is an alternative to a traditional freestanding or wall safe. These secure compartments are decorated on the outsides to look like books and completely blend in with other books on a shelf. Most fireproof safes are constructed of steel and feature a secure locking mechanism. In some cases, the front cover, spine, and edges are decorated to resemble a book cover and pages. Most models are approximately 9 to 10 x 7 x 3 inches in size. You can also find smaller styles that are about 7 to 8 x 5 x 2 inches.

Additional Benefits of Book Safes
Some people find that it's easy to take a book safe along when traveling, as most are fairly lightweight and can fit into a purse or briefcase. You can find versions with key locks as well as combination-style locks. Most models have no secondary access point but include an additional key. Combination locks generally have a built-in reset function. Some book safe models come in sets of multiple books to make it easy to sort and organize items.

Most models hide the safe compartment within a false cover decorated to look like a book, but there are other picture safes that feature a hidden locking compartment within the hollowed-out pages of an actual book. The inner compartment in this style of book safe is usually about 6 x 3 x 1 inches. You can also find styles that aren't made from books but include several artificial pages at the front to provide more realism.

Are Book Safes Fire-Resistant?
Most metal safes are designed to be heat-resistant, but it's wise to check the product documentation to find information about the fire specifications.

What Do Book Safe Covers Look Like?
You can find a variety of book styles and colors to blend in with the volumes on your bookshelf. Book safes can look like a dictionary, atlas, or travel book. You can also find antique-style covers with calligraphy and yellowed "pages." Most safes made from hollowed-out books are large, hardbound classics.

Can Book Safes Hold Guns?
Many book safe styles are large enough to hold a single handgun and magazine or several boxes of ammunition securely. Some models include foam or honeycomb padding inside to prevent the contents from sliding around and making noise during movement. Larger firearms, such as rifles, may require a freestanding floor safe. Always keep book safes holding firearms well out of the reach of children.