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Box Safes

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One ideal place to store valuable personal items, box safes can be used both at home and in the office. Generally small in size, these containers can be installed into walls, placed under beds, or even stashed in desk drawers. Staples® carries a large selection of safes and other home security items to keep belongings secure.

Reasons to Store Items in a Box Safe
Nearly every individual has important personal documents, valuables, and irreplaceable items that need to be stored in a locked place. While a drawer or filing cabinet is one option, a home or office safe offers security against the elements as well as theft. Superior to a safe deposit box, these tamper-resistant boxes provide the owner easy access to birth certificates, passports, or bank information.

Place one in the back of a closet for concealed storage or carry it with you in your vehicle to hold extra cash and credit cards in the event of an emergency. Choose a larger safe to hold file folders without bending them, or opt for a key-storing safe to prevent access to locked doors

Choosing the Right Box Safe to Secure Your Belongings
Box-type safes come in several different sizes and designs. Choose a traditional key or combination lock or use one with a programmable digital lock so you don't have to fumble with keys. Convenient handles let you carry the safe with you. There are boxes with removable cash trays for keeping loose bills and coins organized. If you need to add bills or papers quickly, a bill slot on the front lets you do this without opening the safe.

If you have a business that accepts payments after hours, a slotted drop box lets customers insert items while preventing others from removing them. Choose a pill box to prevent unauthorized entry to medications in any type of business. There are also picture safes that are disguised to help deter thieves.

What Do the Fire Ratings Mean on a Box Safe?
Most personal fireproof safes come with a rating, which is stated in the instructions or handbook that comes with the fixture. The rating includes a length of time and a temperature. A safe rated for 90 minutes at 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit means the safe can withstand heat up to 1,000 degrees for 90 minutes without sustaining any damage.

What Size Box Safe Should You Purchase?
Consider what you will put inside the safe before you make your purchase. It's a good idea to purchase a safe slightly larger than what you think you will need. While you may not need all the room at first, purchasing a larger safe now may save money in the long run when you need to add items.

What Is the Optimal Lock for a Box Safe?
Dial and electronic locks are often superior and provide a maximum level of protection because the codes are harder to break. Some digital locks are tamper-resistant, which causes them to lock down after a given number of failed tries. Gun safes with locks should be serviced at least every five years to ensure they remain easy to open and to safeguard against failure.