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Brainboxes Card Readers & Adapters

Gateway adapters regulate input and output (I/O) data from external sensors and actuators to receiving units so the data can be accessed remotely by computers or other application platforms via Ethernet protocols. Typical residential, commercial, and industrial I/O applications for the adapters include analog or digital sensors, actuators, or meters that control such devices as appliances, security equipment, and temperature and pressure monitors. The adapters serve as a serial gateway to ensure a seamless, unimpeded transmission of RS-485 serial electrical device data communication to smartphone, notebook, or computer processors or other user interfaces for short or long-distance wireless management.

Gateway Adapters Read and Regulate Devices That Send Out Electrical Currents
The Ethernet is a local area network (LAN) that links up groups of computers and the peripheral devices they enable and allows the group to send and receive packets of data among each other wirelessly. Sensors are wired circuits that send radio signals to receiving devices in analog or digital form. The receiving devices then transform those signals into electrical voltage and milliamperes. Digital electrical devices provide straightforward on-off, start-stop communication. Analog electrical devices provide value readings, like numerical levels or rates, which have to be converted into digital format. Serial gateways transform analog electrical current into digital format and then convert all digitized information into values that can be computer-processed.

Gateway Adapters Work With a Wide Variety of Digital and Analog I/O Devices
Smart systems are now a fixture in many residential, commercial, and industrial settings, whether for immediate surroundings like security systems or across the globe for scientific measurements like temperature readings in the Arctic. Gateways recognize all types of electrical devices that emanate analog or digital current measures. Some of the analog devices and their sensors measure temperature, CO2, and humidity ranges, air pressure and water flow rates, and electrical metering. All of these provide a value range. Digital devices and sensors include switches and buttons, photoelectric cells, motor starter contacts, circuit breakers, and fans and lights. These have on-off values.

How Easy Is It to Hook Gateway Adapters Up to Computers?
The adapters essentially have plug and play capability to make them functional. They contain a power port, an Ethernet port, and I/O electrical terminals. The serial gateway power port plugs directly into a computer USB port, while the gateway's Ethernet port plugs into the LAN cable port using an RJ-45 connector. The terminals, whether specified as analog or digital sockets, accept the wired devices and are then ready to receive and send signals. The adapters typically have LED signals to indicate power status, networking status, and I/O status. A network folder in the desktop, laptop, or mobile device contains the gateway's files and directs you to a webpage that provides all the commands, normally in console format.

How Do Gateway Adapters Make Information Available?
I/O receiving units are wired directly into the serial gateway. The gateway syncs the LAN IP address enabled by Ethernet from the receiving unit on to the computer or another interface, like a button or control panel. Software that comes with the electrical device and sensor programs remote management functionality from the computer or hardware to the device using algorithms.

Can You Configure Multiple Gateway Adapters Into Your Computer?
Adapters come with analog-only or digital-only I/O terminals, or as combinations. Most serial gateways come with blocks of multiple terminals, sometimes for up to eight remote devices. Depending on the processing capabilities of a computer, you can hook up multiple gateways using a USB serial port hub.
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Brainboxes Ethernet to 8 Analogue Inputs + RS485 Gateway
Item : IM1VV4588
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  • Inputs: 8 Analog
  • Measurement Rate: 12 per second
  • Serial Gateway: RS485 NuDam/ADAM compatible
352.39 $352.39