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Step Stools
Step and foot stools are useful tools for homes, schools and businesses to help safely access out-of-reach areas. At Staples, choose from quality brands such as Brandt that offer sturdy, durable and stylish step stools.

Finding the Right Style of Step Stool
Choose from folding or molded stools depending on your storage options. A molded step stool is a single piece of plastic with one or two steps and often comes with plastic cutout handles to carry them to different areas as you work. These won't fold for quick storage, but, they do slide under tables, counters and other out of the way areas. Made with aluminum, steel and wood, folding stools have an "A" shape, are self-supporting like molded options, but they fold together easily and slide into smaller storage areas than molded steps. Stools that fold are typically three feet or shorter and have two to four steps.

Deciding Between a Step and Foot Stool
The primary difference between the stools is the number of steps. A foot stool has a single step, whereas step stools have multiple steps, providing a longer reach. A single step is useful for adding an extra foot, for example, to help young children reach sinks, toilets or water fountains safely. Footstools are available in aluminum, steel, wood and plastic. They have non-slip rubber pads across the top to prevent falls.

When to use Step Stools with Handrails and High Backs
Some brands offer aluminum and steel options with handrails and high backs. These safety measures provide more stability during use help users maintain balance while carrying a variety of tools and supplies. It's still a good idea to use a tool belt or apron to carry anything up or down stairs.

Can a Step Stool Have Wheels?
Stools don't have traditional wheels. Instead, they have retractable casters. These allow the user to move them forward, backward or side-to-side in one swift movement. Casters only work when the stool is lifted off the ground. When the stool is in use, they retract into place, and can't roll.

Can you use a Step Stool for Electrical Work?
You can use wood or plastic stools for electrical work. Never use aluminum or steel stools because they are conductive to electricity. Make sure any ladder you use around power lines or electrical work is dry, the liquid is a good conductor, even in plastic and wood.

How can you Safely use a Step Stool?
Always do a safety check before using any type of stool. Look for any rips or bumps on the slip-resistant stair coatings that could cause the user to trip while climbing. Make sure any handles are secure to the frame and that the anti-slip grips don't have tears or cracks that could also cause injuries. Don't use step stools in the rain or snow and store them in a dry area. Dry any wet parts immediately to prevent rusting or rotting. Both can weaken the stool and cause it to collapse.
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