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Get everything you need for the office breakroom in a single location when you shop Staples Brand Products low prices and quality products. From paper towels for drying hands or cleaning up small spills to chemicals and soaps that help keep workers healthy, each product brings value to your storage cabinets or employee lunch space. Encourage employees to enjoy their lunch breaks by offering a clean, well-supplied space.

Quality Cleaning Products
Cleaning products that work are a must-have for any office. For the breakroom, essential items include soaps, wipes or sprays for the counter as well as disinfectants, carpet and floor cleaners. Create the opportunity for employees to show pride in their workplace by keeping breakrooms and dining areas clean with handy supplies.

Convenient Dining Supplies
From packed lunches to department potlucks, breakroom meals are more enjoyable when people are equipped with the right tools. Purchase paper bowls, plates and cups as well as plastic utensils so that employees can enjoy food, even when they're simply grabbing a 5-minute lunch between meetings. Enhance breakroom functionality with sign holders that let your employees know the latest news or events coming up.

Green Solutions
Offices generate a lot of paper waste, and the breakroom is one area where your company can combat that by going green. Opt for paper products that can be recycled when possible, and purchase recycling bins in addition to wastebaskets to encourage employee participation. Literature holders offer a chance to provide staff with information about eco-conscious initiatives as well as important data on other business matters such as company policies and benefits.

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