Brighton Professional Sanor Breeze Urinal Screen, Mandarin, 10/Box (BPR28632)

Item #: 71073 | Model #: BPR28632
*Limit 10 per customer

About this product

Keep communal and private bathrooms smelling fresh and clean with these Brighton Professional Sanor Breeze Eva urinal screens.

Freshen bathrooms quickly and efficiently with these urinal screens. Thanks to extra-strong deodorizing compounds, these screens are 200 percent stronger than regular urinal screens, bringing extra freshening power to bathrooms that get a lot of use. With their anti-slip finish and anti-splash texture, these Brighton Professional urinal screens help prevent cross-contamination in urinals that are used multiple times a day.

  • Fits all traditional and modern urinals, stopping odors at the source
  • Freshen the air with mandarin scent
  • Removes odors from urinal
  • Sold as 10 per box