Brother Fax Machines

Efficient communication is the cornerstone of most businesses, and Brother fax machines offer convenience and reliability. Brother machines streamline common business tasks, including ordering supplies, sending contracts, and providing receipts. Ink and toner options vary between different fax machine models, and at Staples, you can find the right refill for your office's fax machine.

Comparing ink and toner options
The majority of fax machines use laser technology and need toner units. A few Brother machines do use inkjet technology. Toner cartridges contain fine powder. When a fax comes through, the laser uses the powder to recreate text and images on the piece of paper. Inkjet cartridges are full of liquid ink. The ink changes colors with liquid colorants or powder dyes immersed in liquid. Consumers should know which type of cartridges the fax machine uses before looking into replacements.

Differenct types of Brother fax machine refills
Most Brother models use either laser toner refills or models designed specifically for fax machines. Laser toner cartridges are able to produce 3,000 or more pages before requiring a replacement. Fax machine models use thermal technology, which burns the image onto the page instead of using ink or powder. These units usually yield between 145 and 250 pages, depending on the model.

Finding cartridges in bulk
Purchasing refills in multipacks is an efficient and convenient option for busy offices and those with multiple fax machines. Multipacks of standard- and high-yield replacements are available for many Brother fax machine models. Users with machines that require inkjet cartridges also have bulk buying options. Consider bundles with multiple black ink units for an office that primarily receives text faxes or bundles with tricolor ink and black ink products for offices that need full-color fax capabilities.

What is the difference between standard- and high-yield cartridges?
Some laser and inkjet replacement lineups have high-yield options. Some laser Brother fax machines accommodate high-yield laser products. These options generally print twice as many pages as a standard laser unit, extending the time between refills and minimizing packaging waste. High-yield inkjet refills nearly double the number of pages produced by a single cartridge.

Which accessories work with toner replacements?
Fax machines that use powder toner also need drum replacements on a regular basis. The drum unit holds an electrical charge that determines where the machine deposits toner. Drum replacements last much longer than standard toner containers, and many models only need a replacement after 20,000 pages. Machines that utilize fax cartridges also need thermal transfer film. Thermal transfer film units often have an output similar to fax machine refills, lasting between 100 and 200 pages before requiring a replacement.

Do all fax machines need color cartridges?
While looking into ink and toner replacements, many users notice that black is the only option available for their Brother fax machine. Many standalone fax machines only print in black. Machines that use inkjet technology are more likely to use black and tricolor cartridges.

What constitutes refurbished and remanufactured cartridges?
Refurbished and remanufactured units provide additional value to consumers interested in eco-friendly laser and ink options. To produce these models, brands clean, repair, and refill previously used cartridges with new ink or toner. These units undergo thorough testing before dispatch.