Brother Laser Printers

Install genuine Brother toner cartridges in Brother laser printers to experience optimized and seamless performance. Extensive research and rigorous testing go into the development of Brother toner formulations to guarantee reliable operation and clean, professional-quality results. Black toner for monochrome machines produce crisp, laser-sharp black text for creating official contracts, research papers, and business proposals. For color print jobs, Brother color options render rich, vibrant hues to ensure realistic color reproduction and fade resistance. Take advantage of the printer ink cartridges and toner finder on Staples to search for the correct toner cartridge for a Brother laser printer.

Consider page yield when choosing suitable toner cartridges for Brother laser printers
Page yield refers to the number of pages a toner cartridge prints before requiring replacement. In terms of capacity, Brother carries several options to accommodate varying needs and printing habits. Standard-yield toner cartridges work for casual or low-volume printing at home or in small offices. For those who print on a regular basis, high-yield units provide a more logical choice. They produce up to three times the volume of their standard-size counterparts for fewer replacements in between tasks. Paper-heavy corporate settings may get even more efficiency from super high-yield and ultra-high-yield selections. In addition to a lower cost per page, these cartridges drive productivity by ensuring uninterrupted workflow during extensive printing projects.

Multipack Brother toner cartridges reduce downtime
Consumables like toner cartridges run out eventually, so extra cartridges on hand mean quick installation of replacement units. This translates into more output and fewer delays in completing large print jobs. Bundled options that include two or more cartridges offer a practical solution for simplifying restocking needs. Multipacks also require less packaging material, which can help consumers and businesses minimize their environmental impact. Unopened protective bags that house Brother toner cartridges enable a shelf life of two years for extended storage.

Do Brother laser printers accept generic toner cartridges?
Some third-party vendors offer remanufactured and compatible toner cartridges for select Brother printer models. While aftermarket consumables may seem like a more economical alternative, they may not perform to the same standard as original equipment manufacturer (OEM) toner cartridges. Brother strongly recommends consumers replace drained cartridges only with authentic Brother supplies. Their toner formulations match Brother printer specifications for reliable hardware performance, consistent page yields, and high-quality printouts. Issues or malfunctions that may result from the installation of aftermarket toner cartridges may also void the limited warranty that comes with Brother laser printers.

How do you participate in the recycling program for Brother toner cartridges? 
Brother provides a quick and easy way for users of genuine Brother supplies to recycle depleted or damaged toner cartridges. To join the program, pack empty cartridges into the shipping box that comes with a new toner cartridge. Next, create a prepaid mailing label through a registered Brother account, and fill out the necessary details. Then, print and attach the label to a clearly visible area on the box. Finally, bring the return package to a local post office for free shipment. Consumers may return up to four toner cartridges at the same time.

Does Staples offer delivery and auto restock service on Brother cartridges?
Yes. If you order toner cartridges by 5 p.m., Staples offers free next-day delivery. These products are also eligible for the auto restock program. You can set the frequency of deliveries so the office never runs short of supplies.