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Brother Printer Ink & Toner Cartridges

Brother Ink & Toner at Staples
Brother printer ink and toner cartridges are essential supplies for printing machines made by this brand. While they both print text and images on paper, inks and toners are quite different. Inks are dye or pigment-based liquids while toner is a powder mixture. Inkjet printers use inks while laser models use toners. Save time searching for the right ink or toner for your printer by using the printer cartridge search tool provided by Staples.

How to find the right Brother printer ink and toner
There are two ways to find the right ink or toner cartridges for printers. Shoppers can search for these supplies by providing the model numbers from their printers or used cartridges. Alternatively, they may find them by selecting their Brother printer series and models using the Ink and Toner Finder on the retailer’s website. Brother ships starter cartridges with its printers and offers replacements for every model on sale. There are different ink and toner lineups from the brand and each series is compatible with select printers. For quick reference, check Brother’s website for lists of different ink and toner series and compatible printers that use them.

Consider page yield and color when comparing Brother printer toner and ink
Page yield is the number of pages a cartridge can deliver before running out. Toner cartridges usually have higher page yields than ink ones and, therefore, last longer. Brother makes both standard and high yield cartridges. Typically, a high yield unit can print three to five times the number of pages expected from a standard unit in the same series. Standard cartridges are ideal for users that only print occasionally. Offices and individuals that print documents frequently need high yield ones. While standard units are more affordable, high yield sets are more cost-effective for heavy users.

Before ordering printer cartridges, make sure to select the right colors needed by the machine. Monochrome laser printers only need black inks and toners while color laser and inkjet models require black and color cartridges. When shopping for color models, it’s best to get a complete set of black and color cartridges even if the unit only needs one of them. Some printers require all colors installed even when they’re only printing with black.

Should you consider multipack Brother printer ink and toner cartridges?
Yes. Multipack and combination cartridges are cost effective. These contain two or more ink or toner units of the same color or different colors. Shoppers spend less on Brother printer inks and toners by buying them in packs rather than single units.

Do Brother printer toners come with drum units?
No. While attached, the drum in a laser printing machine is separate from the toner cartridge. Brother builds the drums in its models to be reusable. Therefore, users must separate them from old cartridges and insert replacements when installing new cartridges.

Do Brother printers work with third-party inks and toners?
Yes, but the brand prefers that users only install Brother cartridges in Brother printers. Compatible replacements include new and remanufactured units. These are usually more affordable than OEM cartridges. OEM units do provide an assurance of delivering high-quality prints. On the other hand, print quality and cartridge lifespan vary widely from one third-party manufacturer to another.

The Best Brother Printer Ink & Toner

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You want name brand Brother printer ink for your Brother printer to produce quality documents and images. Staples has the Brother ink cartridge inventory to keep those quality printouts coming. Our inventory of nearly 322 Brother black and color replacement ink cartridge products rate an average of 4.2 stars from 40,842 customer reviews. Shop the top Brother ink and toner cartridge families below: