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Broyhill Office Chairs

Choosing the right office chair is an important decision for any home or office setting where you will be sitting for several hours. Brands such as Broyhill offer a variety of chairs with different styles, colors, cushions and adjustments. Staples carries an array of quality brands of office furniture to mix and match and create the ultimate workspace.

Features of Ergonomic Office Chairs
Ergonomic office chairs have height, seat and armrest adjustments to improve comfort. Sitting for long periods at an uncomfortable angle causes muscle pain and decreases circulation to the arms and legs. Standard seats range between 16 to 21-inches from the ground. Your feet should be able to touch the ground comfortably while keeping your spine at a 90-degree angle. Seats have a standard width of 17 to 20 inches. Keep 2 and 4-inches of space from the back of the knees to the edge of the seat for clearance. For larger dimensions, look for big and tall designs to get the right fit. For extra support, choose chairs with adjustable seat pans. These slide forward or backward to help achieve the small gap between the knees and edge of the seat. Waterfall seats also improve comfort by providing a seatpad that slopes gently. Adjustable armrests can move forward, backward, side-to-side and even pivot so the user has a 90-degree elbow angle while working.

Choosing Between Low, Middle and High Office Chair Backs?
Low-backs don't offer support for the upper back or neck. However, they work fine for short tasks or jobs that require users to get up and sit down regularly throughout the day. Backs with a mid-size support the back, but not the neck. The most common choice for people who spend six to eight or more hours sitting at a desk is a high-back chair that cushions the entire spine, including the neck. This feature allows users to sit back and rest their head and neck while working when necessary. Some high-back seats have adjustable cushions at the neck and base for additional support.

Are the Wheels on Office Chairs Replaceable?
You can replace the wheels, also known as casters, on most rolling chairs unless the base breaks. This can be helpful if one wheel breaks or if you change between floors with carpeting to hardwood, linoleum or tile because it's more cost-effective to replace the wheels rather than the entire chair. Always use soft wheels on non-carpet flooring to prevent damage.

What are the Color Options for Office Chairs?
The different colors available depends on the type of material. Broyhill chairs that are leather or synthetic leather come in black, brown, white and tan. Mesh or linen covers have a large assortment of color options, from traditional colors like green, blue, brown, black and burgundy to more contemporary choices like neon greens, yellows and oranges.

Are Office Chairs with Memory Foam Available?
Yes, memory foam is available in the seat. These cushions hug your body for extra support during each use. It's common for them to have fabric, leather or vinyl covers to protect the foam from damage. These types of cushions work better with chairs that only have one user.
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Broyhill Lynx Fabric Home Office Chair, Oatmeal Color
Item : 1749162 / Model : 46436
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  • Upholstered in fabric material on all seating surfaces
  • DuraCoil seat cushion technology offers extended comfort
  • Overall Dimensions: 33.75-37.50"H x 25.75"W x 27.75"D
149.99 $149.99
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Broyhill® Rosaline Fabric Chair, Dark Grey
Item : 2263631 / Model : 47967
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  • Upholstered in premium soft fabric in dar grey color
  • Duracoil® cushion technology
  • Overall Dimensions: 37.25-40.25"H x 25"W x 30.5"D
99.99 $99.99