Bulletin Boards & Signs

Bulletin boards and cork boards keep information at the ready in classrooms, offices and meeting spaces. With magnetic and push-pin styles, these boards keep priority items such as audition notes and work updates pinned where everyone can see them.

Bulletin Boards in Different Styles for Different Needs

Self-healing natural cork bulletin boards hide pin holes, so they don't look worn after repeated use. Melamine boards have self-healing foam instead of cork, giving the piece a clean, fresh appearance.

Write on white melamine boards with dry erase markers, which wipe off with a dry eraser. Sticky display boards have surfaces that hold reminders, photos and other items with a long-lasting adhesive.

People with busy schedules can try three-in-one boards, which have calendars and to-do lists with dry-erase backings and a strip of cork that uses push pins to hold important information.

Easy to Alter and Customize

Different framing options make cork boards look varied depending on the needs of the user. Black frames, anodized scratch-resistant aluminum frames and oak-finished frames are just some of the options.

Colored foam, such as black or white self-healing foam, looks clean and crisp in office settings. Use them as student boards to give students a place to decorate and post photos or documents.

Easy to Install Bulletin Boards

Install bulletin boards using the included hardware. Some lightweight models mount with sticky backings.

Mount the boards horizontally or vertically to fit the space. Heavier boards mount with easy hanging systems and often include hardware.

Lightweight boards mount with magnets or sticky adhesives.

What Are the Advantages of Enclosed Bulletin Boards?

Use bulletin boards in classrooms, homes and offices to display important information. Dry erase boards are useful during meetings and lessons, letting you quickly write and erase information as needed.

Enclosed cork boards and bulletin boards have doors that shut seamlessly for a finished look when not in use. This feature also ensures privacy and prevents people from altering the writing on the board.

Some versions lock for extra security. Acrylic panels in some doors allow passers-by to view the board but protects the writing from unauthorized changes.

These panels offer the look of glass but won't shatter.

Why Should You Choose Magnetic Boards?

Magnetic bulletin boards have a metal surface instead of cork, so they are durable and long lasting. Different kinds of magnets and magnetic accessories attach to the unit, holding things like erasers, markers, pencils or other accessories.

Magnetic boards don't require push pins, making them a good option in classrooms with small children.

What Sizes Are Classroom Bulletin Boards?

Classrooms often use 6 x 4-foot models for teaching and smaller boards for notices and reminders. Small boards fit on the back of doors or between windows.

Midsize cork or melamine boards, such as 3 x 2-foot models, offer space for messages and room to create separate sections for different subjects. Bulletin boards provide needed space for images, documents and more. Staples has multiple decorative styles for any home, school or business.

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