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CRV3 Batteries

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Get more shots out of your digital camera when you switch from regular AA cells to CRV3 batteries. CRV3 is the designation for a class of disposable, single-cell, high-capacity 3-volt batteries. A CRV3 cell has the same length as an AA battery but is twice its width. Its design makes it look like two AA units placed side-by-side with one of them upside down. You can find a good selection of CRV3 cells at Staples®.

Enjoy the Benefits of Powering Your Devices With CRV3 Batteries
The first reason to switch to CRV3 cells is convenience. Most cameras and flash units use four AA batteries. Two CRV3 units can replace these and ensure you carry fewer batteries for your photography sessions. Secondly, CRV3s can reduce how much you spend on batteries. High-drain devices like cameras require AA batteries with high energy capacities. They deplete regular single-use alkaline cells quickly. To extend shooting time between battery replacements, some photographers switch to HD (high-drain) alkaline AA units. However, CRV3 cells offer even higher capacities. Each holds a charge of 3,000 to 3,300mAh compared to the maximum capacity of 2,400mAh for alkaline cells. Another advantage is the slower discharge rate of CRV3 units. Since they are lithium cells, they lose stored charges very slowly. A disposable CRV3 battery can keep most of its charge and stay fresh even when left unused for a few years.

Choose Between RCRV3 and CRV3 Batteries
In addition to disposable CRV3s, there are also rechargeable variants called RCVR3 batteries. These have the same physical dimension as the single-use version. Since they are rechargeable, they can help you further reduce battery cost for your digital cameras. While they look alike, CRV3 and RCVR3 come from different battery chemistries. A CRV3 unit is either a single lithium cell or two conjoined lithium AA cells with a total voltage of 3 volts. An RCVR3 battery is a lithium-ion cell with a nominal voltage of 3.7 volts. While they are both excellent for high-drain devices, lithium-ion cells are quite different from lithium ones. Lithium batteries have a long shelf-life but you have to recharge lithium-ion cells at least once a month to guarantee peak performance. RCVR3 batteries also have lower capacities than disposable CRV3 units. Their rated charge capacities are between 1,200 and 1,450mAh.

Can You Fit CRV3 Batteries in Any Device That Takes AA Cells?
Not all devices that run on multiple AA batteries can accept CRV3 cells. First, a compatible device must take AA units in pairs and with both seated side-by-side. Even then, you should confirm in the product's user manual that it works with both AA-sized and CRV3 lithium batteries.

Do Rechargeable CRV3 Batteries Require Special Chargers?
Yes. You cannot charge these in regular smart chargers for NiMH batteries. This is because lithium-ion cells have a different charging profile. For example, they do not accept trickle charge. RCVR3 batteries from different brands may also not work with the same charger. While most have two terminals for charging, others need three.

Are There Other Names for CRV3 Batteries?
Yes. The CRV3 designation is the same as CR-V3. Brands also differentiate their offerings with additional letters. For example, ELCRV3 and DLCRV3 are the same battery type from Energizer® and Duracell® respectively.
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Energizer® e² Lithium Photo Battery, CRV3, 3 Volt, 2/Pack
Item : EVEELCRV3BP2 / Model : ELCRV3BP2
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  • Lithium
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