Kids' Canvas Chairs

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Choose kids canvas chairs when looking for durable, easy-to-maintain seating for children. Canvas is a tough woven fabric made from PVC and cotton or linen, and provides excellent seat and back material for foldable, lightweight chairs. Canvas is water- and weather-resistant, features that make furniture made with it suitable for outdoor use. Staples® carries a good selection of sturdy directors canvas chairs for young children along with other types of kids’ seating.

Let Kids Sit Up High on Directors Canvas Chairs
While it’s also available in regular height, a director’s chair is typically a high seat made popular by Hollywood. These chairs feature a seat and a back made of stretched cloth canvas and an X-shaped base that keeps them stable. Collapsible metal rivets extend to hold the legs open. Kid-sized director’s chairs are easy to fold and move, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Use them as dining chairs or temporary seating for the patio or backyard.

Most kids canvas chairs of this design have wooden frames. Wood is a classic furniture material that goes well with traditional and contemporary decors. Choose a durable canvas director’s chair made from hardwood as these are more durable than softwoods. Popular hardwood options include oak and beech. Pick a unit made of wood with a protective finish to use outdoors. Properly sealed wood frames are water- and UV-resistant, improving durability and extending their life when used outside.

Take Along Canvas Children’s Chairs When Camping
Make your camping site comfortable by bringing along collapsible canvas chairs. These temporary seats are also suitable for picnics, fishing trips, and beach days. Kid-sized camping seats are smaller than regular units. They’re also lighter, so small kids can carry them. This travel-friendly furniture has metal frames, with steel and aluminum as the most common materials. Both metals are strong, but aluminum is rust-proof and lighter.

While users sit up straight in director’s chairs, camping seats are for lounging. Therefore, the canvas cloths on their seats and backs hang loosely. This construction ensures there’s a little give when users recline to ensure that the chairs are comfortable. Some also have underseat storage compartments with zip closures for storing sweaters or rain gear. Zippered compartments with insulated walls can double as food and beverage coolers.

Does Canvas Quality Matter When Choosing Kids’ Chairs?
Yes. Furniture manufacturers use two types of canvas for upholstery: plain and duck. Duck canvas is a heavy-gauge fabric that’s stronger and more durable. Plain canvas children’s chairs are great for indoor use. For outdoor seating, choose a model covered with tightly woven duck canvas.

What Is the Weight Capacity of a Canvas Children’s Chair?
This varies by model. Note the child’s weight and find a chair with a higher rated weight capacity. For small kids, pick units that can accommodate up to 110 pounds. Older kids and teenagers should get canvas chairs with 250-pound weight capacity.

Is the Upholstery on Kids Canvas Chairs and Director Chairs Removable?
Yes. It’s easy to remove the upholstery when users want to clean the chair or replace the canvas. In most cases, taking off the canvas is as simple as sliding it off, or undoing Velcro® or zip closures.