About this product

Cardinal ExpressLoad ClearVue 3-ring view binder provides ample space for archiving large projects and assignments.

The Cardinal ExpressLoad ClearVue 3-ring view binder offers large capacity storage to consolidate all documents related to a project in one place. Made from PVC-Free poly material, this binder can safely store all kinds of documents including photographs, thus making it ideal for archiving documents for finished projects. With a non-glare overlay, this binder can be easily customized to your company's colors, making it ideal for presenting business literature to investors or customers at corporate events.

  • White D-ring heavy duty view binder for up to 675 letter size documents
  • Dimensions: 12.2" x 11.6" x 3"
  • D-ring binder with 3 locking rings to prevent loss of pages
  • Made from PVC-free poly material that does not stick to pages
  • Horizontal internal pockets add storage space for storing loose pages and reminders
  • Heavy duty poly cover keeps documents secure
  • Made from environment-friendly material - 47 percent recycled content and 44 percent post-consumer recycled content
  • D-ring design is secure and convenient
  • Safe for photographs
  • Clear non-glare overlay allows customization on all 3 sides
  • Cold-crack resistance of 5° F so it will handle cold temperatures in unheated storage spaces

Large Capacity
Cardinal ExpressLoad ClearVue 3-Ring view binder has a capacity to store 675 letter-sized pages, which makes it ideal for storing large project reports. Built with heavy-duty poly material, this binder will not break or bend even when filled to capacity and its D-ring keep pages firmly secured when kept in storage or when transported.

D-Ring Design
The D-shaped design of the rings incorporates a curved part for easy browsing of pages and a straight part that allows quick loading and unloading of multiple pages. Once loaded, the locking rings snap into place so there is no loss of pages. The unique shape of the rings also allows you to quickly flip through the pages without damaging them.

Made from PVC-Free Material
Cardinal ExpressLoad ClearVue 3-Ring view binder is made from PVC-free poly material that does not stick to cover inlays or documents stored inside the binder, making it safe to even store glossy documents like photographs. You can archive documents in these binders without fear of them sticking to the binders and getting defaced or damaged.