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Chartpak Painting

Applying paint over a surface gives an item a whole new appearance. Chartpak® painting supplies offer some of the tools needed to create the exact look you require. For use with a variety of project types, these school supplies can be used over and over with the same quality results. Staples® carries a selection of Chartpak items as well as other painting and craft materials.

Creating Bold Designs With Chartpak Painting Supplies
Stencils offer one option over wallpaper borders. When applying stencils, you can choose matching colors to suit your decor. They also are more cost-effective than wallpaper, so you can save money by using paint. Painting stencils are easy to cover up with primer or a coat of paint, and they give you the option to change the style often without much effort.

Using painting supplies, you can create a professional-looking sign for sales or for carnivals and festivals. Paint homemade banners for use at sporting events or company picnics. Because the stencils are used with paint, they are resistant to moisture so that you can use them outdoors or in humid conditions.

Benefits of Using Chartpak Painting Supplies for the Job
The biggest benefit of using Chartpak stencils is the ability to customize the design to your liking. Spell out the names of individuals involved in a project for company recognition, and then rearrange the same letters to construct a sign for someone's birthday. The number and special character stencils let you add a phone number or street address to a custom sign to help give guests easy directions or to inform passersby of important company opening dates or sales events.

Choose from different sizes depending on the project. You can also vary the sizes on a single sign to increase emphasis on a slogan or company name.

What Is One Way to Use Chartpak Painting Supplies?
When applying stencils to any surface, it's a good idea to tape the stencil in place using painter's tape. The tape comes off easily and won't harm the medium. Use a pencil to outline the area so you get a good idea of what it will look like before you make the final application of paint. Remove the stencil, and see if you need to make any changes. Once you are satisfied with the appearance, you can reapply the stencil, line it up, and apply paint to the surface.

Can You Use Chartpak Painting Supplies on Fabric?
Rubbing a paintbrush across the surface of fabric can cause the material to stretch and pull and distort the image. Tape or hold the stencil in place, and use a paint brush to dab the paint onto the fabric. Allow the paint to dry completely before lifting the stencil off the material to avoid smearing the paint.

What Is the Optimal Kind of Paint to Use With Chartpak Painting Supplies?
Chartpak painting stencils are crafted from heavy reusable stencil board. Nearly any type of paint is suitable. Choose the paint that adheres well to your project surface. Fabric paint is ideal for clothing and other materials. You can also use regular acrylic paint. Spray paint works well on porous surfaces or for designs with intricate details. For glass, use a paint that is specifically designed for glass to safeguard against peeling and chipping.
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Painting Stencil Sets
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  • Gothic style letter and numbers cut from heavy stencil board.
  • Reusable.
  • 2" to 6" Sets: Contain capital letters (A-Z), all numerals (0-9), plus other characters.
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