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Gift Cards

Sur La Table Gift Cards
Item: SS3670569
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  • Staples DOES NOT sell more than $2000 of gift cards in any order due to Federal anti-money laundering regulations
  • Redemption: In-store and Online
  • No expiration dates
As low as 25.0 $25.00
Multiple options available
Claim Jumper Gift Cards
Item: SS1096397
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  • Included in the gift card purchase price is a $1.99 Secure Shipping Fee. This covers trackable shipping through the US Post Office, to ensure safe arrival.
  • Multiple denominations available.
  • Claim Jumper Gift Cards never expire, do not have any hidden fees and are valid at all locations throughout Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, Oregon, Wisconsin and Washington.
As low as 51.99 $51.99
Multiple options available