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At home and at the office, keeping surfaces clean is a significant part of improving aesthetic appeal and minimizing the spread of illness. Cleaning gloves are a must-have tool. They protect your hands from surface germs and the chemicals present in cleaning products.

Make Cleaning Safe and Sanitary with Cleaning Gloves
No matter how much or how little mess accumulates during a day, cleaning is required to kill microscopic germs and bacteria. Gloves keep germs off of skin and away from cuts and scrapes. By relying on gloves for cleaning, users can avoid unintentionally spreading germs to other rooms via their hands. Sanitizing cleaning gloves is much easier than fully sanitizing hands. Gloves are also ideal for those with sensitive skin, since cleaning chemicals can cause skin redness and itching.

Latex-Free and Latex Gloves Come in Different Sizes
The majority of gloves used for cleaning are made out of latex. This material is extremely efficient at keeping out germs. Gloves made of latex offer touch sensitivity and are exceptionally strong, allowing them to stand up to heavy-duty cleaning tasks. Latex-free gloves are an excellent option for those with latex allergies.

This type of glove can be made of a variety of materials that mimic the texture, durability and protection of latex. Both types of gloves should fit snugly to keep germs and bacteria away from skin. Most brands let users to choose between small, medium and large gloves.

Disposable and Reusable Glove Options Are Available
Both disposable and reusable gloves are designed for cleaning, giving users the chance to choose the option that fits their needs. Disposable gloves are recommended in some situations and legally required in others. When employees are working with blood, most facilities require the use of disposable gloves that are changed after each patient or sample. When working with hazardous materials, using disposable gloves ensures that residual traces are not transferred to other surfaces.

Professional cleaners often prefer disposable gloves, since they make it easy to switch gloves between rooms. Reusable gloves provide excellent value to those who clean the same rooms or surfaces daily. They are ideal for frequent light cleaning sessions or occasional heavy-duty cleaning tasks.

Select the Features that Improve Your Cleaning Experience
Cleaning brands make gloves indispensable to users by offering a variety of in-demand features. Users who come in contact with sharp objects or abrasive cleaning materials benefit from gloves coated with foam latex, which is resistant to tears and chemical solvents. Soft-lined gloves are popular with those who spend hours in gloves each day as well as users with sensitive skin. Textured palms built into some gloves allow users to get a reliable grip on items and surfaces. Extra-long gloves make it easy to clean without exposing the lower arms to chemicals.

Some brands offer two sets of gloves in different colors in each pack. This feature lets cleaners differentiate between gloves used for bathroom cleaning and gloves used for kitchen cleaning, preventing the transfer of germs between these rooms. From daily surface sanitation to deep cleaning tasks, gloves make every part of the cleaning process more convenient.

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