Durable Cleaning Gloves

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Mr. Clean® Gloves, Bliss™
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Item #SS1080875
  • Available in small, medium or large size
  • 1 pair per pack
Multiple options
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Mr. Clean® Gloves, Duet™
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Item #SS1080872
  • Available in medium and large sizes
  • Premium 2-pack of reusable latex gloves with two different colors per package
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Mr. Clean Gloves, Foam Shield
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Item #949798
Model #243095
  • One size fits all
  • Seamless Nylon Shell
Mr. Clean® Allure™ Reusable Latex Gloves with Printed Cuff, One Size Fits All
A reliable pair of cleaning gloves is a must when using cleaning agents at home or work. Wearing gloves when cleaning is as important as washing hands afterward. They help prevent germs from spreading throughout the home or office while keeping hands safe from hot water and the chemicals in cleaning products. Protect skin from damage with a pair of gloves from reliable brands, including Mr. Clean and Medline when shopping Staples selection of cleaning supplies.

Prevent skin damage with cleaning gloves
Gloves protect the skin from drying and cracking when using hot water while washing dishes or cleaning. Some cleaning agents strip the skin of its natural oils, leaving hands feeling dry and rough. Wearing gloves prevents these chemicals from reaching the skin. This decreases the risk of rashes and burns to the hands from chemicals such as bleach and ammonia. Keeping hands covered while cleaning helps keep them looking and feeling soft and smooth.

Disposable and reusable cleaning gloves
Disposable gloves are an ideal option for medical and hospitality environments where keeping rooms sanitary is of utmost importance. Their wide cuffs make it easy to change gloves between rooms, preventing the spread of germs and bacteria. Reusable gloves are suitable to use when cleaning around the house as well as in personal and commercial dining areas for washing dishes or using cleaning chemicals.

Comfortable, high-quality gloves
Select gloves feature high-quality rubber or vinyl that resists tears. There are gloves available with a nylon shell that helps keep hands safe and dry. Gloves with soft, cotton flock lining are comfortable when wearing while cleaning and washing dishes. They also keep hands dry during use by absorbing perspiration from hands and any moisture from inside the glove. For washing dishes or cleaning delicate items, choose a pair with an embossed palm so that items don’t slip from the hands and break.

Are cleaning gloves latex-free?
Most of the gloves available at Staples are latex-free as well as powder-free. Avoid irritation to individuals with a latex allergy by checking that the packaging states the product is latex-free.

Do the gloves fit larger hands?
Most of the gloves available at Staples are available in multiple sizes to fit smaller and larger hands. Businesses with cleaning crews usually purchase more than one size of gloves to keep everyone’s hands covered.

Can water get into the cleaning gloves?
Gloves are available that help keep hands dry during use. Opt for a pair of gloves with knit wrist cuffs for a snug fit so that water and chemicals don’t reach the hands. Gloves with long, beaded cuffs that go up the arm offer additional protection from chemicals and water. While washing dishes, it’s easy to keep water from entering the gloves by turning the cuffs upward, allowing any drips to enter the folded cuff instead of the glove.

How many pairs of gloves are in a pack?
The number of gloves per pack varies depending on the gloves purchased. Reusable gloves are typically available with one or two pairs per pack and in different colors. Disposable gloves usually have 500 gloves per box, making this a convenient option for facilities requiring frequent changing of gloves.