134"W x 45"L Furniture Bag, 1.0 Mil, 110/Roll (3205)

Item #: 940035 | Model #: 3205

About this product

134" x 45" Furniture bag in clear color is perfect to use on a 100" sofa to offer high clarity and protection from dirt, strains and moisture, sold as 110 per roll.

134" x 45" Furniture bag in clear color for 100" sofa is made of durable low-density polyethylene and is suitable to be used as vapor barrier or drop cloth. Furniture bag of 1 mil thick is wrapped on a 3" core, sold as 110 per roll.

  • Overall Dimensions: 134"(L) x 45"(W)
  • 1 Mil
  • Wound Neatly on 3" Cores
  • Items in bag are only for illustration purposes

Easy to Use
These clear furniture bags are easy to use, since they come on a simple perforated roll. Simply tear the cover off at the perforated section, then wrap it around your sofa. The covers are neatly wound on a 3-inch core for easy storage. Reusable Design
These clear furniture bags are designed to be used with sofas, and they open up to provide full coverage. The bags, which are made with LDPE, are durable and made with 100 percent renewable energy, so you can feel good about using this reusable and recyclable plastic. Prevent Damage
When you want to protect your sofa from dirt, dust, paint, stains, or moisture, these clear furniture bags are the solution. Each bag covers your sofa from top to bottom, so you can be sure that no damage will take place as long as the bag is in place.