6.5"W x 6"L Reclosable Poly Bag, 1.0 Mil, 500/Carton (6682)

Item #: 940193 | Model #: 6682

About this product

Reclosable sandwich bag made of low-density polyethylene film comes in a dispenser box and is perfect for quick loading of sandwiches. Suitable for your food packaging.

Our 6682 Reclosable sandwich bag made of 100 percent virgin 0.75 mil low density polyethylene film offers long-lasting durability. Tough bag in clear finish employs a reinforced side-welded zipper for easy locking in single smooth motion. 6 1/2" x 6" Ba g contains compostable material that reduces landfill waste. Perfect choice for packing sandwiches, pizza slices, subs, cookies, fruit, carrot sticks, chips and lots more, sold as 500 per carton. Meets FDA/USDA specifications.

  • Overall Dimensions: 6.5"(W) x 6.5"(L)
  • 1 MIl
  • Meets FDA/USDA Specifications
  • Reclosable bag for quick loading of sandwiches
  • Side weld
Our Clear Reclosable Sandwich Bags Keep Food FreshStock clear reclosable sandwich bags to keep food items separate in a to-go order. The bag features a zipper lock that is easy to use and stays closed. If you run a restaurant, catering business or food truck, keep these clear reclosable sandwich bags to store leftovers or provide to customers who want to separate leftovers to take home with them. After a long day, you can use these sandwich bags to store that half of an uncut onion or pack up the leftover baked goods in small batches for a "Day Old" sale the next morning. Designed For Easy UsageQuickly close these bags with the zipper closure that stays closed and protects contents from falling out during transport or liquids from oozing out. The zipper is reinforced and side-welded so that the bag doesn't tear when you add items to it. Made from 100percent virgin 0. 75 mil low-density polyethylene film, these bags stand up to everyday use.