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Whitmor 3-Tier Fabric Storage Shelves, Silver/BlackWhitmor 3-Tier Fabric Storage Shelves, Silver/Black
Item #1241190
Model #67794579
  • Silver sturdy epoxy coated metal frame with strong black fabric shelves
  • Soft breathable fabric used as shelves keeps stored items fresh and will not snag or tear clothing
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Woolite Mesh Wash Bags, 2 Pack (W-82472)Woolite Mesh Wash Bags, 2 Pack (W-82472)
Item #2636971
Model #W-82472
  • Set Includes 1 Large Bag 23" x20" and 1 Medium Bag 12" x16.5"
  • New & Improved Woolite Wash Bags now treated with Sanitize Anti-Microbial agent. Keep your Wash Bags Fresh, Odorless, Mildew and Bacteria Free
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Laura Ashley Shoe Organizer, 16 Shelf (LA-95611)Laura Ashley Shoe Organizer, 16 Shelf (LA-95611)
Item #2630625
Model #LA-95611
  • Dimensions: 13.75" x 11" x 47.25
  • Made of Strong and durable Non-Woven Material
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Woolite 2 Piece Air-Tight Jumbo Cube Vacuum Storage BagsWoolite 2 Piece Air-Tight Jumbo Cube Vacuum Storage Bags
Item #2530005
Model #W-85565
  • Holds Up to 2 Queen Size Bedding Sets and 4 Pillows
  • Nylon bonded for extra strength and longevity with a super seal valve. Designed to remove all air from the bag without allowing any air to get back in.
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Laura Ashley Blanket Bag (LA-95605)Laura Ashley Blanket Bag (LA-95605)
Item #2630631
Model #LA-95605
  • Dimensions: 24" x 18" x 12"
  • 65% 600D/PVC,35% PVC
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Laura Ashley Storage Box, Large (LA-95601)Laura Ashley Storage Box, Large (LA-95601)
Item #2630635
Model #LA-95601
  • Dimensions: 12" x 16" x 10"
  • Made of Strong and durable Non-Woven Material
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Whitmor Jumbo Underbed Zippered Storage Bag, Java, 2/Pack (6351752JAVA)
Item #24185060
Model #6351752JAVA
  • Jumbo underbed zippered storage bag is used for storing linens, blankets, sweaters, clothes and accessories
  • Dimensions: 42"H x 18"W x 6"D
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Woolite Sanitized Laundry Bag (W-85044)Woolite Sanitized Laundry Bag (W-85044)
Item #2630610
Model #W-85044
  • 100% Polyester
  • Dimensions: 28" W x 38" H
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Whitmor Supreme Stacking Shelf With Basket, Chrome
Item #1241159
Model #60542364
  • Chrome steel shelf with basket
  • Adjustable bottom basket for extra storage
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Laura Ashley Storage Box, Medium (LA-95600)Laura Ashley Storage Box, Medium (LA-95600)
Item #2630636
Model #LA-95600
  • Dimensions: L11" x W12" x H6"
  • Made of Strong and durable Non-Woven Material
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Equip your household with practical closet storage supplies, available in multiple sizes and colors. Options include hanging closet organizer systems, space maximizers, and see-through or mesh materials. Organizer shelving units are ideal for storing stackable storage bins, which helps with space-saving solutions. Brand options include Simplify, Household Essentials, and Whitmor to accommodate specific interiors. Plastic storage bins are lightweight and durable, so they're suitable for storing and transporting heavy objects. Metal frames provide durability, ensuring proper support for boxes with heavy supplies or merchandise. Bulk storage bin deals and other offers are available at Staples.

Features of closet storage units and accessories 
Zippered closet storage bags prevent dust and other particles from landing on valuable possessions. These bags fit under most beds to help with space-saving solutions. Look for decorative boxes, which offer visual appeal besides the functionality of storing various items. Wash bags are another essential piece to consider because they hold all detergents in one spot. Most of these products ensure proper air circulation in small and large closet compartments. 

Benefits of various closet storage products 
Boxes in different sizes are suitable for securing all types of products and making them private. Some of these boxes feature label holders that enable simple categorizations. Durable boxes are ideal for storing off-season clothing and footwear during the winter or summer. The reinforced cardboard material provides a solid structure, which makes it easy to stack boxes on top of each other. Hanging handbag files include breathable fabric on the back and transparent covers in the front for easy viewing. They hang on standard closet rods, so they're simple to access. Jumbo storage bags are ideal for keeping bedding and linen covers secure and easily accessible. Polypropylene material ensures durability so that individuals can use these storage bags for a long time. 

What are some convenient aspects of closet storage products?
Most of the available bins feature handles, which enable simple transport. Bins with handles are convenient for moving office supplies or personal possessions from office to home. Invest in multiple hangers to accommodate clothing in an orderly fashion. By using these hangers, it's easy to prevent creasing on clothes, so they're ready for use when a special occasion arises. Hang storage basket racks on doors to save extra space in small pantries. These racks are suitable for storing canned foods, condiments, and utensils.

How do you maintain a pleasant fragrance in a closet?
Cedar blocks in bulk are efficient at creating a non-chemical odor in closets, which also helps keep clothes fresh. It takes a while for the cedar to dry out, so it's worth ordering a bulk pack in advance.    

What are some ways of storing special clothing?
Use garment bags to store high-end suits and protect them from all types of particles. Large see-through windows in front make it easy to identify specific suits while browsing. Search for portable closets with heavy-duty metal tubing, which are convenient for frequent travelers. Laundry bags are ideal for the storage of dirty clothes before washing them. Unstructured material makes bags foldable to add convenience.

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